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Should I Date A Non-Christian
ok, im a college student writing a paper on its ok to date a non-christian. i personally believe its ok to date a non-christian, i had my first relationship to a non-christian, he knew about god and beleived in him, but not in a proper sense. i was raised in a church, but never told not to date a non-christian. i am now engaged and going to be married to boy i first dated, he became a christian because of me. am i in the wrong for dating him. i do not beleve so, in 1 Co 7:14"For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy. " isnt that saving them?

What If Big Bang Is True
I am a christian and I could actually say that I can agree with the theory.
Big Bang -The universe has expanded from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past, and continues to expand to this day.
Bible - In the beginning God created Heaven and earth.
Is there anything in the bible that conflicts with the big bang theory? My opinion no. e.g does it continue to expand? The bible doesn't say it doesn't.
My question to you would be whats the probability of there being no creator. You are trying to argue science over belief but I would go as far as saying that all science backs up my belief.

Young Woman Wants Older Man
i personally dont think there is anything wrong with you being attracted to a 36 yr old man or he to you, one reason is because i am 20 and i am like dating a 35 yr old man you cant help who you fall for (with reguards to the person being above the legal age limit) thats the bottom line

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
You know the Catholic Church used to claim that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. I think they changed the rule though.

American Church Is Lifeless
You know guys, I am just sad by the church in whole, that's all.
I am not trying to be "authoritative" I am just voicing my frustration by what I have seen. I see too many Christians just willing to go to church one day a week and then returning back to their old lifestyles. I wish I saw the passion, faith, and unity in the church of America like I have seen and read about from nations that are under persecution.

American Church Is Lifeless
AMEN Ryan! I agree! We do need to point people to maturity and teach them to be disciples.

Music To Seek God
Jesus preached sermons relevant to his culture. There is nothing wrong with old hymns,(I sing them,love them, and they touch me deeply) BUT, we need to be RELEVANT to our culture! A HEALTHY church is willing to MOVE on and be attractive people who are lost. The goal is to love Jesus and seek those who are lost, not be stuck in tradition so much that you are no longer attractive or relevant to our culture.
P.S. I am NOT saying become LIKE the world I am saying be RELEVANT to the world.

American Church Is Lifeless
I don't have room to go into detail, but my family and I moved 8 hours away from home so my husband could be a minister, there have been other sacrifices too. We are not being idle in the church.
I am speaking about lack of passion. I do realize that there are passionate people here in America, but the church in whole is lifeless compared to over in China, Iran, or India. As a whole, we are too comfortable with our lifestyle that we are not willing to step out and take risks for Christ.

Why Suffering In This World
I believe there is sin in the world because of the fall of man and our own free will. People CHOOSE to sin and that affects the world negatively. For example, in Africa, there are children starving. Why? Because the Government is sinful and taking the food from the poor.
If we didn't have the choice to choose good over evil, then we would all be puppets doing what God wants. I don't think we would want that, and I certainly know God wouldn't want us to be forced into loving and obeying him.

Christians Like Violence
Not everyone is at the same level in their Christian walk. If we are "true" Christians, we should be working towards looking more like Christ, but that doesn't mean we are all there. We still sin and struggle with temptation. Maybe these people who like the violent movies/video games don't know it's wrong. They could be new Christians and they are just starting their journey to look more like Christ. If so, they need a mentor to help them along and we should be gracious with them.

My Wife Is Having Affairs
"forgive your brother seventy times seven times"....yes, that is an honorable and right thing to do. But perhaps at the same time, both of you should talk and seriously think abt seeing a marraige counsellor to work out underlying issues that is causing these problem.

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