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Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
Galatians 5:22,actually Apostle Paul wanted to tells us a "Fruit"=singular literally=one fruit,.in an orig. greek "karpos"->fruit,.these love,joy,etc. are all in one fruit...meaning, the vices enumerated above are the work or deeds of our flesh,v19-21,opposie of v22,.if you are in Christ,HOly spirit is in you,and if the Holy Spirit is in you then the love,etc. that enumerated by Paul in v22 is in you automatically. this verse also,simply means the operations of the Holy spirit in every believer's in CHRIST. This fruit->result->effect is not on our own but comes from something,act,deed of the HOly Spirit,.Gal 5:22, john 14:16-17,18,26"teach us all things"/john15:1-5,exclusively for His people only Matt.1:21

Have You Seen An Angel
Yes, they pray and worship with us on Sundays, sometimes. They're like people, they just have a glow and i don't mean a light coming out of them, it's almost like the glow a pregnant women gets. I've also seen them in a grave yard praying at a recent grave. Atleast i think they're angels because others don't see them, they have this glow and they pray and worship God with us.

What Did Eve Do Wrong
Well, God told them not to eat the fruit, so disobedience. If Adam told her to eat the fruit and she submitted she would be doing the wrong thing. God calls us to submit, find the original meaning, but we must submit only within Gods laws and requirements.If the husband does these things he is asking his family to live by his rule instead of Christs. It's a very complex situation, go with what the Bible says.

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
cont...I am not really afraid of anyone knowing, I really do not care about the opinions of others compared to my letting down my savior, I know that God does forgive but it will take time for me to forgive myself and I still need to fix what I did wrong and ask forgiveness from the person I am involved with, I pray for Gods wisdom on how to handle this mess I made, thank all of you for your advice even if I did rebutt a little I do appreciate those of you who said you were praying for us, thank you

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
cont.. I know some of you think I should confess and take my punishment, but if you understood how much influence I had on the body of believers, I believe it would do more harm than good, and I do not have a desire to hurt the person I'm involved with anymore than is needed

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
cont.... I do want to thank the user abhay for his/her wisdom and Christ like love although I will resign for "personal reasons" you did encourage me and perhaps I can be trusted again someday if the Lord is willing

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
I was reading through some of your comments and one asked if I knew the bible, we confuse sin with a lack of knowledge of the scriptures, did david know the word when he had uriah killed?

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
I was reading through some of your comments and one asked if I knew the bible, we confuse sin with a lack of knowledge of the scriptures, did david know the word when he had uriah killed? and one said I was leading people to hell which is an extreme statement knowing that when I stand before God I cannot blame anyone for my sin except myself if we take that road then lets blame Jim Baker, or Jimmy Swaggert for my failure, we are all responsible for our own salvation

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
I just wanted to respond to some fo the questions, yes we can get married and I would but I think the idea of hurting so many people is too much for her to handle, especially letting her family down

Should Sleeping Pastor Leave
I appreciate all of your opinions, some of you showing grace and mercy and some of you condemnation, which I do understand, and just for the record I didn't start a relationshp with her until she was 19, and I do want to be honest about it but oddly enough she has asked me to keep quiet which I will most likely resign quietly for "personal reasons" I truly am sorry for what I've done and must live with it, now I need the strength to end it, thank you for your prayers

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