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I Have Drinking Problem
it is very common especially in thre church.i also was addicted to alcohol and crack while attending church.i knew the word but still struggled because i didnt have the strength to stop own my own.i went to narcotics anonymous and it helped me stay clean for a while,but i still wanted to use.the desire never left me i was bound in my wasnt until i had enough of my self that i totally gave myself over to the lord and allowed him to move in my life that i was truly set free..

Do You Go To Heaven At Death
the bible says that you must be born again.thats the only way to be saved.if that person died in sin no they do not.

Can Christian Women Have A Mind
being submissive means to respect the fact that you are the weaker vessel.when you get married you become as one,which means you band do your part by taking care of your family work or whatever your role is but it is to be done together.respect him as the head,but it doesnt mean that you have no say no opinions or ideas.he is to uphold you lift you up when you are down and vice versa.

Do Sacraments Save Catholics
yes you are saved but why are you doing these sacrements.we are to go to jesus for ourselves.when he died for us that was it, all of these rituals and worshipping statues is called idolatry.

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
you just let them know that you are for christ.there should be no debating,because without faith it is impossible to please him.their are so many other doctrines and religions out here that you must stand on the word so you wont get caught up in it.politely say thanks but no thanks i know whom i serve.

Salvation Without Confession
you must confess with your mouth to jesus that he is lord of lord and king of kings and that you believe that he died and rose again.because without faith it is impossible to please must belive that he is.

Explain The End Times
the end times is a preparation for us as christians and for the unbeliever to get right with the lord before its to late.yes satan is defeated and we must go on in victory,but the end times still must happen.if these things dont take place it would make god a liar.and we know that this cant be.every thing that gods word says is true and will be accomplished.

Encouragement From The Bible
read psalm 23,read psalm 100,read psalm 27 in its psalm 51. i pray that you find the stength to go on and remember weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.god bless you.

Is More Discipleship Needed
this means that they have the holy ghost.they are annointed and the holy ghost reveals all truth to them.

Adjusting To Husband's Death
i am sorry for your loss but you must do what you think is best for must hang on to the word of your bible and gain strength each and every day.what would your husband have wanted for you?read phillipians 4; may not have your husband physically any more but you have memories.hold onto them and think on those things.if your husband was saved you know he is with the lord.god bless you.

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