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Does God Pick Your Mate
Ya I do.

I prayed, and prayed, I searched, and looked, for someone. But nada.
So prayed once more, and left it God hands, .......

Beloved. I really think He gave me the guy, no great guy I'm with now. He's awesum, and exceeded my expectations-all I prayed for.
So I'm thankfull, and I'm SOOOOOO glad I didn't pick someone on my own...Bin there done that... and it always ended up horribly.

How To Fix The Economy
Give all Us Citizens over 18 who are not incarcerated $100,000 to apply to their debt-whatever left they can use to spur the economy. Its cheaper than present bail out package and all contracts banks entered will be paid back as well as with excess moeny ppl can buy cars etc -300 million in america you could give them all 1 million and would still be cheaper than present bail out package

Once Saved Always Saved
IF you hold fast, and IF you keep up the faith, and IF you abide in me, and If you stand firm, and then Hebrews 6. That is undeniable proof that one can fall away, and not be brought back.Hardening ones heart to a point of no return. I always used "sealed with the Holy Spirit" and I will never leave you, and nothing can separate us from the love of my defense against losing salvation. I might also add we are not saved until we die.We do not have salvation until we die.

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