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Another Great Depression Coming
Our printing of more money than we have gold to cover raises the price of gold. The value of our dollar is tied to gold. Unfortunatly, the value of the world's currency is tied to our dollar. WHEN our dollar collapses, what happen to the price of gold?

Mayan Calendar End 2012
The world can't end so soon. Too much still needs to happen.

Supernatural Christian Life
YES, we live in a world today that is so self motivated so controled by satan as you have said.
And yet we are called to walk in the Spirit , to counter and to stand against the devil and his ways.

One of the ways that we do this is to be continually aware of what it is that we have to watch out for . but most of all we have to know what to do when we come face to face with the things of this world.

Though we walk in the flesh we still carry the weapons of spiritual warfare within us.
We must learn to use the scriptures the same way Jesus did.

We live in God's Glory eac unity and in Love we stand for Christ. Put on the full God. "EPHESIANS 6:10-

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