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We Want A Donor Sperm
Dear ones,
My wife and I had been married over 5 years with no kids. Then a dear friend of hers, a single mom with five kids, suggested that she get pregnant from me, and she would gift the baby to us right after it was born. It all worked well. We are the happy parents of a well groomed young teenager, who stands out in his school as the student who is kind and loving and a good influence on those around him. Find a nice guy and go for it. It's God's will to make babies! I'm a pastor!When love is, there is no sin.

Am I A Big Fat Pig
stop eating the shop then

How To Approach HIV Friend
Hi, I don't know if you can see my email address, if so, you can email me. My quick advice is that you want to tidy up your own emotions a bit before approaching him. I just got to know that two of my friends who are hiv positive.

Prayers Going Nowhere
Some reasons:Unconfessed sin,Prov15:29,Unforgiveness Mk11:25,Lk6:8,Praying selfishly only ocasionaly1Thes5:17,poor stewardship for lust purpose Jms4:3, as the other bloggers wrote lack of faith and also men who treat their wives improperly. Also anything outside of Gods will. Fasting is a great spiritual preparation for serious prayer. Usual cause is unbelief.

Husband Had Affair With My Friend
Peace and healing to you. However you define God, you must understand that the basis of his teaching is compassion. To fully feel Gods love, you must also be able to love yourself. Anything that interferes with that is the work of devils. Staying in a circumstance that disrespects you so much,will keep you from truely feeling the love of the divine. Get yourself to therapy and learn how to love yourself enough that you can recognize the red flags so that you can avoid such circumstances in the future.

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