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Husband Turned Muslim
Do not lose heart. Pray and you will have a greater testimony to share with us. God Bless You

Should Christians Watch TV
Hello, I personally tell you to obey the Spirit of God rather than hearing from many people and looking around at other believers. If has asked you not to, there is lot of meaning in that which you will know once you walk with God

Hinduism vs Christianity
interesting question! First of all do not change your religion coloumn to Christian next time just because you find Christianity interesting. Jesus did not start any religion but those who followed Him were called Christians. So if you believe that He died for your sins on the cross and that He rose agian the third day, you can be His follower.

Facts On St Patricks Day
he was neither, he would have been a celtic christian. before rome got a hold of the church in these islands.
and i don't agree with the quiz answer that his parents were likely not celts. just because they held estates in roman britain doesn't mean they weren't celts, imho.

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