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Divorced People Not Leaders
It is written old things are passed away and behold all thing s become new. Abraham was the father of fatih, he had two wives, Jacob had four. David was a prophet and he had five. So I think you need to do some more study and find out what He really meant in His word.

Divorced People Not Leaders
Who ae any of you to judge? If God remembers things no more than who are you to go above Him to judge someone else. You should be ashamed to speak so boldly to about something that you have no knowledge of. If someone gets married before they come to Christ and they have a problem with their spouse after because the spouse will not come unto subjection to the word of God and desires to leave and get a divorce, are you going to judge the situation and decide who can teach God's word.

Which Scriptures Are Hard To Live
"Let your communication be yea, yea, nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil." Keep your conversation of the gospel.

Are There Prophets Today
The bible says if a man spesks "Thus saith the Lord" and it comes to pass you better fear the man, for God is with that man.

Adultry To Have Many Wives
Scrioture says to obey the commandments of men for the glory of God. So if it is okay by law then it is okay by God. Why debate on earthly things set your mind above

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