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Divorce Second Husband
there is ONE sin that God will not forgive and it is NOT divorce and remarriage. If we repent of our sins, including getting divorce God will forgive us. God is divorce your current husband in hopes of getting ex husband back is simply wrong. you are in a marriage. seek God and ask him to restore the love for your current husband and quit looking back.
Simply because your children want mom//dad together, don't make it so.
i am a step mother and therefore, know what it is like to have children wanting mommy/daddy back together-- but was my husband to divorce me and leave our family--to accomodate his other 2 children. He did have grounds for divorce--she committed adultry and left him--and wanted divorce.

How To Love Step Children
do you love your spouse? did you know he/she had chldren by previous marriage before you married that person? Then how can you say, i don't love what is of you--or i can only treat them as guests in your home?
i can only tell you what God did for me. I sought God and prayed and asked him to put a mother's love towards my stepchilden--as i had gave birth to them myself.

God honored that request. This did not happen over night, it took months and months of prayer and seeking God, they are my children. My family looks at my two eldest children as my children,no steps
Get before God and seek him in this. We being natural parents know how to give good gifts, then God being God knows how to give even better gifts.

When To Stop Praying For Wife
i was in similar situation (he had affair, denied it for several months-so much went on). i had to decide what i didn't want in order to decide what i did want. I didn't want a divorce, but in reality, we were divorced already because our relationship was destroyed,living in the same house, but not being a family, dealing with my children's feelings towards their father. day came when i told him if he didn't want to be married to me, let's get divorced and get on with our lives. i am still with him and am working on letting God restore my marriage to my husband.
Seek God in this and he will lead and guide you and show you the path. He will give you the grace to stand in a difficult time. He did me. My prayers are with you.

Will God Restore My Marriage
Are you wanting God to destroy the first husband's current marriage just so you have what you want. Something is wrong with this big picture.
Have you even stopped and prayed and sought God in all of this.

My Wife Wants A Divorce
Seek God. He will lead and guide you. He did me.My husband told me he didn't know if he wanted to be married, then several months later,says he thinks he wantsa divorce but of course on certain conditions. I know what God spoke to me was Stand and See the salvation of your marriage. I knew my husband was having an affair which him/her denied for months on end (18 mo or more). For me, i had to decide what i didn't want to decide what i wanted,finally told my husband if he didn't want to be married to me, let's start selling everything we owned and get this over with and both of us get on with our lives. Within a few weeks, his relationship with other woman ended//i am still married to him and am working on my marriage being restored. SEEK GOD.

Get Out Of This Marriage
God does not intend for us to subject ourselves to abuse. you don't mention what type of abuse, but abuse, whether physical, mental or spiritual abuse is not of God.
You should examine yourself first and get self right with God then pray and ask God to show you the way. His word says if you seek him, you will find him.

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
it take pray & healing,forgiveness to restore any relationship which has been destroyed and only can happen when both parties want this. paper does not make a marriage/divorce, only makes it legal. your spouse can spiritually divorce you even tho living in same house.

Saddem Hussein Was Hung
unknown what could have been different; other than earlier choices made by this man earlier in his life. Know that it is not God's will for anyone to be separated from him. God knows the true intentions of this man's heart/mind happened just prior to his death. God will judge all men and those who enter into kingdom of God will be blessed. Sin is Sin & God's word says No sin shall be in his kingdom.Besides, who decides what is Big sin & what is a Little sin??? God does not want sin.

How Do I Figure Out What I Believe
excellent truth is earlier response. God wants us to know for ourselves what his word says and to be Grounded firm in his faith. Those that seek God with their whole heart will find him and God will lead and guide you all the way if you allow same to happen. read word of God, pray, seek him and he will guide you.

Husband Keeps Leaving Me
only you can make decision for self. don't follow what others want you to do. Pray, seek God and ask him for his widsom on what to do. I have dealt with something similar-(details very lengthy)-what do you do, do that which is right in God's eyes--and do that which is right for You, not him, or other family members, but right in God's eyes which are for you. I have been where you are. It's hard--but God will be there for you.

I Am Divorcing This April
continue to pray, seek God & his wisdom, knowledge, guidance. By all means, don't do something simply because someone else wants you to do this. above all, trust & follow God's guidance. above all, trust God.

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