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Are There Prophets Today
What reason is there to beleive that God would ever change. He said "I change not". There have always been prophets in the old and new testaments. As for what their role is, it is the same as it always has been. They are seers, and there are many different offices that are to be held in doing the Lords work. Is everyone a pastor, or a preacher, or an evangelist. So then everyone has a different office to preform and they need to take heed to the true Prophets of GOD.

Decorating A Christmas Tree
If anyone has really looked in to it BIRTHDAYS in general were part of the heathen worship. God says to mourn when they come in and rejoice when the go out. Why would anyone want to celebrate another year on this evil and adulterous world. I am ready to go home to meet my LORD. Matt 24:21-23 talks about tribultion, and the fact that if our days were not shortened no flesh would be saved. Thank God for the elect's sakes they are.

Baptist Pastor Told Lies
Don't complain at all. The word says speak evil af no man. The best thing for you to do is continue to pray fervently to the LOrd. The efectual fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Talk to your son and tell him that no one can put their trust in any man, I don't care who it is. the bible says let every man be a liar and God the TRUTH.

Iraq War A Mistake
Not the the ones who started it, they knew exactly what they were doing. The leaders of this nation have broen every bibllical priciple that they claim to hold. Want proof? look up Alex Jones or the Bohemian Grove. You will find enough info to leave you breathless. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!!!

Scripture Against Christmas Trees
JESUS never had a party. nor did He ever celebrate any birthday. If there is any dout then why take the chance in doing something that God forbids. Celebrate the birth of Christ everyday, because HE is born in saomeone everyday. This more important than a carnal birth. His real birth was that of the babtism of the Holy Ghost when He was babtised by John.

What Could We Give Jesus
To begin with Christmas is not and never was the celebration of christ birth. It was started by the Roman Catholic Church as a socalled substitute for the birthday of the Sun god Mithrs. The only good gift we can give Him is the same as He gave us. Present your bodies a Living sacrifice, deny yourself and follow Him to the fullest.

Salvation Time Limit
The biggest majority of the lost are those that claim they are not. The bible says the whole world would be decieved. My beloved brothers and sisters, PLEASE study with all of the time that you have and then start to tell people the truth. Just because what you know has been told you all your life does not mean it is true.

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