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What Day Is The Sabbath
It depends upon whether you are Jew or Greek. THe Bible teaches that one man keeps the sabbath on one day and another to himself on another but each man needs to be fully convenced within his own mind and not judge the other. So we need to stop judging each other re the Sabbath. It doesn't matter if it is kept for the Lord.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
This is so common. I am praying for God to bring a whole new awareness among the sheep so that instead of sitting in dead pews on Sunday mornings passively wondering when God will bring the right person to the pulpit, they will leave these places to find those ones where the Lord is speaking. There are too many pastors getting away with resting on their laurels and not speaking truth but are self-seeking businessmen.

Two Steps To Get Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit indwels the believer at the time that he/she is Born Again. AT sometime after that when understanding has increased, the believer makes an educated choice to obey scripture and submit to water baptism as a sign of dieing to self and rising to life in Jesus Christ. The two are mutually exclusive.:)

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
Many children are mean because the parents are mean. Many are victums of abuse. Also what the other bloggers say apply. Just wanted to add that some are mean for this reason.

Works Versus Grace
It might not be either. It might be a healthy fear of the Lord. Be careful when ye stand lest ye fall. Just when you think you are perfectly in line with Gods will and not sinning, something will knock you off your high horse to remind you to be lowley with and humble. None of us are worthy.That's why Jesus opens the Book of Life when noone was found worthy enough.

Does God Send Impressions
Both. YOu are very fortunate if God speaks to you in an audible voice but at least in my case, I get very strong impressions and promptings(sometimes dreams). Sometimes I just know things before they happen and I realize,(now) that God wants me to move on it. In the past I have failed Him and watched the distructive thing happen by my disobedience and lack of understanding of what God was trying to have me do or say.

What Is The Shroud Of Turin
Welcome back Sis Morgan. Hope you will not pay any attention to the demonic forces that always pop up whenever good work is at hand. Whenever there is GOOD, there is EVIL attempting to destroy it. We must not let it happen. TkS for comming back!!!Love you! Jody:)

Is Halloween For Christians
The roots of Halloween are demonic. We should not participate. I take my 9yr old to a harvest festival BEFORE holloween or have a slumber party with rented movies and popcorn if it falls on a week end as a distraction.We don't answer the door. We have gone out and passed out Bibles before on THAT NIGHT. The looks on peoples faces were awesome. W/no costumes saying "have a good night".

Is Pope John Paul II In Heaven
Bible tells us not to say who is going to Heaven or Hell. One is to bring Jesus up and the other brings Jesus down. Noone knows who goes to heaven or hell and should not even speculate.:)

Is The Pope Perfect
I tell you what, if we were mice in the walls of the wherever the Pope goes, we might find him as the most imperfect of all.He who exhalts himself will be brought down. No he is certainly not perfect and I have never met anyone else who is. The popes are going to have a tough time before God. I'm ready for your attacks now. Please forgive if I do not respond as I am through with visiting this blog(boring).:)

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