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Is Jesus The God Of The OT
I am not aware of christians who deny the Old Testament. The entire contents of the old testement pophecies of Jesus'comming as the savior for mankind. Yes Jesus is God of the Old and New Testaments. He was in the beginning and always will be along with the Holy Spirit and the Father. That is God.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
The devel has very long claws because he doesn't own nail clippers:) He and his friends have caught their claws in the fur of the coats..opps I mean cults and won't take them out willingly. They have to be BURNT out. Too late then. No sence trying, they like long nails.:)The coats..oops cults feel secure wrapped in beautiful claws.

Mormons And Polygamy
Mormans have allot of secrets. As you can see from these blogs, even the Mormans can't keep track of the inside scoop. Prophecies suddenly are contradicted so why are you surprist to learn of some group of polygamists? They think they are saving the women by marrying them becaurs a single woman can't go to heaven. Gotta have a man. Unless this doctrine has changed like they often do.

Don't Want To Go To Church
I would not bother with these people other than to expose their rude unloving behavior. They might have been nice about it and even showed concern for your health. That behavior is unacceptable and unless there is something very great holding you to that place, it sounds like a place to leave. You will know them by their fruits.

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