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Judgement Day On May 2011
No one knows, but the Father.

Any other rumors is of the devil.

Don't like? Tough! That's the way it is.

Read the Bible.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
lorra8574, You may say you mean well, I don't know, but the Bible says in proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death". By your own admission, you said... "That is why I can be obedient to the Pope". If you are obedient to him than you must obey what he says, and he says a LOT of unscriptual lies, weather he realizes it or not. You cannot serve two masters.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
DePuTy, How could you SPEAK FOR GOD and say that He is not offended by someone bowing in front of a statute? You are WRONG sir! Go read your Bible.
PRAYING TO SAINTS? HOW DARE YOU GIVE YOUR BESSING TO THIS! You will have to answer for this, and not to me but HIM.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
Read what the Bible says about even making graven images. When I was a Catholic I used to squawk a lot myself about there was no idolatry in the Rcc but I was so very wrong. God showed me this very clearly. If you truly seek God's advice on this, He is faithful and will show you.

Your Christian Birthday
caring, what you said, you sound just like I did before I got Born Again. I did all the right things except two things. Turn my life over to Jesus completely and got away from idolitary. When I did this, my life was transformed. You will too if you find the truth.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I grew up a Catholic, went to their school, loved the Catholic church. After all, there are so many Catholic churches and their big and beautiful and they say all these elaborate prayers. I went by appearances, and by the way *I* felt. Jesus did just the opposite. He didn't go by appearances, He looked at people's hearts.
I have seen more of the wonders of God in a simple run down church with none of the wordly bling. I know now that God really lives. Praise His Holy name, forever!

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