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Seal Of The Holy Spirit
the law of old is there to let us know our sin, how we fall short of God's commandments for us...where there is no law, the sin is not held accountable, for there is no transgression...ya'll need to read Romans 7 and 8

Are Christmas Trees Evil
i think its more important to God that you accept the gift of His Son thru His birth, life, death, and resurrection....rather than arguing about whether or not He was born on christmas day...that is irrevelant...that's like trying to study how He was many nails they used or where they put them, it matters that He did this for you and me

Can We Forgive Demons
you are not to forgive demons...they are evil and from the evil one...i believe that satan, if he were sincere could turn tomorrow and ask forgiveness and receive it...but he is too arrogant and his end has already been written in the bible...that is why if you believe the bible is God's truth, then what He says about satan is also true...he will be cast in the lake of fire and brimstone with his angels...that doesnt sound like someone who is going to repent or ask forgiveness

Gates Of Hell
hell is a literal place, God doesnt send you there, you send yourself there by your choice to deny God and Jesus Christ His Son..that is your be eternally separated from the love of God or anything else that God represents will be absent will be alone, and your senses will be heightened there...your body will die there, but your soul will live on in eternity forever and ever...what you believe is irrelevant to the facts...already spoken of in the Bible.

Where Is The Devil
his home is hell, but he is loosed to roam this world, he is the master of this world...the bible says that satan prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whoever he can devour or destroy...this means he has the freedom to roam...

Salvation Outside Of Christ
if anyone says he is without sin, the truth is not him, and he makes God out to be a liar...we still sin even when we accept Christ..because our bodies are sinful and as long as we live in this tent of a body we will remain sinful...even though we want to do right, we do what is wrong...everyone struggles before and after we receive Christ and the Holy Spirit..thats why they call it a spiritual war within us. we need to die to flesh everyday..its a process..God's plan for us is to become more like Christ everyday, its called the sanctification process

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