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Mentals Disorder For Christians
sometimes I do not know if I accept Him out of fear or if I truly love Him. I want it to be the second one. I also have trust and control issues. I am often afraid things will go wrong. I wake up sad. I worry esp about my teen girls. my two grown ones too and their offspring, but esp my teens. I am afraid I will make a wrong decision and fail them.

Gallbadder Stones Cure
Hello friends, I want to save my gallbladder. It is an important part of our digestive system and God gave it to us for a reason lol. I now ask prayer for supernatural healing of my gallbladder and my daughters too and for diabetes as well. I also ask healing for my other daughter also. thanks and I appreciate your prayers and suggestions :)

Christian Opens Pot Shop
I do not like marijuana and do not advocate it. If used for medicinal purposes and by prescription of a physician only and for a problem that has been medically proven to benefit from it--then that is fine. i.e. cancer victims that lose their appetite and are hurting, I have heard the marijuana can help them eat.

Is Mary Special In Heaven
mary is awesome. She was highly favored of God and was used as the vessel to bring Baby Jesus into the world. She should be respected and admired. There are rewards in Heaven and I would imagine she would merit a high position but we wont know til we get there. I do not believe we are to pray to her or that she is Queen of Heaven or any of that sort of thing. Just a wonderful saint in Heaven with Jesus.

Marry A Much Older Woman
If you are both Christian and are equally yoked and u feel that u love this person, age should not be a barrier. Now, if u want to have kids, it may be an issue. Also do u love her enough that when she loses the beauty of her youth, u will still be faithful. If u are willing there is not reason that u cannot. Make sure u both want the same things and asks God's guidance.

Is Morning After Pill Murder
okay, I am thinking morning after pill is bad now. possibly causing unknown abortion. What about just taking birth control pills in general? either for prevention of pregnancy or to regulate periods? would this work the same way and cause a miscarriage? is this also murder? or just morning after pill?

Suicide Sends To Hell
folks, still waiting for a direct answer. If one is a Christian, and has suffered from depression, a tragedy occurs and they succumb to their desire for suicide, will they go to hell or heaven? A recent suicide occurred -- the son of a well known author and teacher.He believes his son went to heaven. Can Christians who commit suicide go to heaven, yes or no? I know it is not the best way, but will they go to Heaven?

Christian Catholics
I was raised RCC all my life. I went to Catholic grammar school and high school. I believe I was totally saved at the age of 12. That summer I decided to read the whole Bible. I noticed some things like tongues and stuff that I had never heard of. I knew there had to be more out there that RCC wasn't teaching me. RCC is Christian, but during the dark ages did pick up some corrupt doctrines. Do not judge every Catholic Christian by the pages of history. God sees the heart. :)

Will God Punish Me
Dear friend,
The Bible states that He who the son(Jesus) set free is free indeed. Jesus paid the price for your sins. Jesus took the punishment you deserved and has declared you innocent--as though you had never sinned. You are not an adulteress. You have been made free and are a new person.
The things in the past are now like a bad dream. let it go. How can u forgive yourself of something that never happened to you? You are a different creature, with the Spirit of God living in you. If it is your divine destiny to remarry it will happen, but if u do not marry it will not be because of past sin. Be happy.

Aborted Girls For A Boy
google pictures of aborted babies and u will see the horror of abortion. This will make u realize that unborn children are babies and not just fetuses. Yes, God will forgive u if u are sincere. He is very generous and slow to anger. I believe if your heart is right u will have a child someday..butlove whatever He gives u...boy or girl. And be grateful. Hope u see your twin girls in heaven someday.

History Of The Holy Spirit
David, read your Bible. There are many references to the Holy Spirit. He is a person and can be grieved. There is God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit..3 persons in one Godhead..perfect unity of thought and power. Trinity is not in the Bible but neither is the word Rapture. Trinity means 3. Dont be so picky on terms. peace

Posted On Facebook
Jed, I think it was a very kind gesture to share the video on facebook. But just for legality issues if I share music or video, I look to see if there is a share facebook link. If there is, I assume it is legal? I also thought your jokes were funny. I used to want to be a psychologist but instead I became a nurse working at a psych facility for many years. do not know if what u did was legal, but it was nice!!!

Spanking Teenage Boys
Right on!!! "Spare the rod and spoil the child..." I think it is done more when they are younger and only if other methods prove ineffective. hopefully as a teenager u would not need to resort to it but corporal punishment done correctly as discipline is acceptable and scriptural.

Do Lies Become Truth
If u believe Jesus is the Son of God, second person of Trinity and died for your sins and rose again, and u ask Him into your life to save u, repenting of your sins, u will be saved. Other stuff is trivial compared to this. Many denominations and all have different opinions on things, such as talking in tongues and which day is the Sabbath, etc. These differences of opinion, should not cost anyone their salvation.

Husband Doesn't Love Me
I wd say divorce him then, but then again maybe he doesnt mean it, maybe something else is tiring him out, tell him u still love him, but if that doesnt work, be more than happy to leave him, theres plenty of fish in the sea waiting. ive barely been married for 2 months, and I wanted it to be forever but looks like it wont be anymore. Ive been putting up with my husbands emotional problems for over a year now, and ive had enough, I cant take it anymore so im going to tell him we shd split :/. He cares more about other things than our marriage, he doesnt care about anything about our wedding day, and now that he unblinded me, I see now it was like that all along, I was just blinded by "love".

Explain 2 Samuel 12:11-14
I think God was angered because David had committed adultry, and had his wifes husband murdered so he could have her for himself.He, God can do whatever he wants because he is God.

Peter Crucified Upside Down
Please cut the maddness. I know our Heavenly Father and Son will not accept this behavior. Let represent at all time. The Bible speaks for itself.

Falsehood About Being Santa
I always told my kids that santa is Jesus's special Christmas Helper.They knew Christmas was about Jesus's birth.Later they knew the story of the real ST.Nicholas who resides in heaven with all the saints of God.Yet they got to enjoy the mystery and fantasy that was exciting and fun and stimulated their imagination.It was never a problem.

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