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Can Christians Have Demons
demons can sit beside you in church and even pretend to speak in tongues they try to be noticed

What Is Church Of Scientology
they believe in reincarnation and you could came back as a bug or worse....they will not kill an insect fearing it might be their grandpa do i need to say more ?

Is The Catholic Bible Biblical
the catholic bible is biblical it just has the books in it that king james decided to take out because he felt they were of little importance and the catholic people put it back in thats all it is the only difference i can find

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
they are not worshiping mary they are showing respect for the mother of jesus because he said to take care of his mother before he died on the cross

Sin To Marry Divorced Person
i know there are reasons for divorce in the bible they are the ones that can remarry with no worry
marriage is forever in the eyes of God

Bible Say About Hypnosis
i believe hypnotism is the same as horoscopes and they both represent witchcraft
it tell about it in the bible
it tells you not to do any of this stuff

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