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Christians Follow Ten Commandments
salvation is a gift the Lord Jesus completed
If you are saved, then it is forever given to you.
Eternal life is given to you when you are saved and the Lord holds you in HIS HAND

Are The Remant Chosen
Salvation is a gift of God
The remnant of believers are ALL those who God had "drawn" by His Holy Spirit to be saved

Am I Part Of The Remnant
IF you are "saved" by the blood of Jesus
you are in the remnant.
God saves those who His Holy Spirit draws by His saving grace

Pastors Teach Tithing
No preacher should preach at his people to give money
IF the people have not given their heart to the Lord, then forcing them to give money only makes them think they are somehow a better person without being "saved"

Christians Follow Ten Commandments
Galatians says that no one is justified by the law. IT says that IF we are justified by the law then JESUS died in vain

Another Great Depression Coming
NO true saved believer will go through the great tribulation.
IF you are saved, God will not allow HIS own to suffer wrath as in the great tribulation

You are ONLY saved by the precious blood of Jesus and it is a gift

Jesus With Water Baptism
Baptism does not wash away sins. It is just water.
ONLY the blood of JESUS cleanses sins

Jews Really God's Chosen
The bible clearly says that "the gifts and callings of God are without repentance"

HE chose the Jews NOT because they were better or more attractive---HE chose them in pure grace to bestow His mercy upon them

so HE will NOT give up His covenant with them
We are in the dispensation of Grace to ALL now but after the rapture God will have a remnant of Jews that He will keep His promises to them. His chosen ones for His servant David's sake

Rapture After The Tribulation
We do not look for the rapture to escape but to see our Lord Jesus WHO completed the work for us on the cross

He longs to see us too---HE died for us His chosen ones and He says we are "complete IN HIM"

If you are not "saved" then you might not want the rapture to happen. It will happen before the horrors of the tribulation.
The tribulation will be worse then anything mankind has seen and God will NOT allow HIS own to go through wrath.
Jesus took our wrath on the cross

Does Spiritual Pride Exist
Dear friends,
The Lord says He chose us before the foundation of the world. None of us would ever come to be "saved" IF He had not chosen us to be "saved"
Thank God, if anyone wants to be "saved" it is ONLY because God awakened him or her to their need of a Saviour

Do You Feel Evil Shadows Around
Yes, I can sense things and see things at times. Have been doing this since I was very young. I've sensed things in other's homes while the people whom live there are clueless they are there. Of course, these spirits are too williing to let me know they are there. I have been poked and touched by these spirits. One thing I must say is that people should be aware, if you do not have enough faith in our Father, or should I say, the spirits power is stronger than your faith in God and you try to cast out the spirit/demon in Jesus's name, the spirit will not leave and will make your life miserable. So if you don't feel your faith is strong, I suggest you to seek outside help.

Demonic Dreams At Night
Some dreams are more than just dreams. I had a dream one night about something evil floating at the bottom of my bed. I kept thinking the entire time, "I need to help my children". I stared at her eye to eye but she struggled to move towards me. She finally was able to when I took my eyes off her. I woke up as she came forward. In the morning, I dismissed it as just a dream. Three months later my youngest tells me he saw a woman in our hallway and she just disappeared. He described the exact same thing I saw. Now our home is suddenly haunted.

Is Satan The Cause Of Sickness
I believe Satan/evil can cause sickness and such. Evil can drain the energy from us in certain ways causing us to be ill. I have seen evil recently along with some of my family. I have been fighting it and trying to cast it out in Jesus's name. Having a lot of faith in God, I speak when it acts up in our home, it listens but won't leave. I have seeked outside help for this one. The same week our home was to be blessed, including us, we all came down with illnesses, including the person who was helping us. It took an entire month for everyone in my household to get well. Some of us not only got one illness that month, but two. Another date will soon be set up quietly.

Visited By A Demon
It is my belief that we are all going through some serious spiritual warfare right now, especially in these times. So much evil in the world now, a rising number of occults releasing more evil, murder, and etc. I have seen things since I was young, but nothing like what I had seen recently. Keep your faith in God and without fear cast the evil out in Jesus's name. If this doesn't work, seek outside help.

Can Satan Hear My Prayers
The question I always ask myself is when we receive an answer from God, "How do we know he is the one that is actually answering us and it is not evil misguiding us"?

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
There is a reason why things happen the way they do. Me, I have experiences with the dead/entities/demonic things whether or not I am close to God. Actually, with my experiences, it has brought me closer to God than ever before. Most others, they experience this activity as they come close to God because evil does not want it. Of course, when you start to fade from God, Satan backs off because he knows he is getting what he wants. I have went into a house and before leaving, every night light has been completely blown. I have experienced some strange, scary things since I've been young.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I know this may seem difficult, but you have to find a means to remove your fear during these episodes. Spirits love this as it feeds them and makes them even stronger. Since you can think during these times try and think of God and how he is by your side during these times. Say the Lords prayer or anything biblical that makes you feel less frightened. Your strong faith and lack of fear can help you gain control. And on top of this, evil does not like it and actually fears God. I do say the Lord's prayer before bed as well. Ask God to surround you with his heavenly white light and to surround you with the hedge as he did for Job. Let me know how this goes.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Dreams are not always just dreams.I've learned this from experience.I've seen and had many experiences and not by choice.Never messed with witch craft, oujii boards or such either.One experience was recently.Saw some woman in my dreams, not good either.My son, not long afterwards, tells me he saw a woman walking in our hallway.He described what I saw exactly.She enters my dreams occasionally.I take control and try casting her out in Jesus's name.I end up waking right before casting her completely out.She still haunts my home.I pray often asking for God to protect us and remove it.I feel like I'm in some sort of spiritual battle right now myself. I do have a question for you. Can you think during these dreaming episodes?

Have You Seen An Angel
I believe I saw angels on several occasions.I was having a bad day and went into gas station.A man stood behind the counter and watched me.Went to the counter and he continued staring at me eye to eye with a smile on his face,his eyes seemed so angelic.I handed him money and instead of taking the money, he held my hand still eye to eye.He told me to have a good day while still holding my hand.Found out later on when I asked about where he has been that the man I described never worked there.

Have You Seen An Angel
Had another experience while in surgery.Actually pretty terrifying while under anesthesia at the end.I saw the dark tunnel,wasn't a good experiece.I've had many strange experiences in my life, unsure why.Anyway, heard my name from far away and finally was able to come out.Thanked God much for being alive and out of there.As I opened my eyes, my bed was surrounded all the way around it by people.Still today, I believe God sent Angels to help me.I've had other surgery's and never so many people there when I wake up.Our father helps us in so many ways. Thank you Father. Amen.

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