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How Married To A Non-Believer
Stay away from this so called pastor. Hes polluting your mind against your husband. Consider changing churches. Your husband sounds like a 'nice' unsaved person infact better than many that claim salvation! I am praying for you sister.

Should I Pay My Parents Bills
I was thinking the fiance was female. But female or male let everyone pay their own bills! You can help your parents when you can. But again if they are juz being lazy let them be. Tell them your bills comes first before theirs.

My Wife Is Having Affairs
I concur with Ron, maybe you pushed your wife into the affair :)
Some people juz stop being romantic after the honeymoon and the sex is like a monthly pill and hardly satisfying for that matter! Some people cant even notice your new hairdo! When someone else notices it and tells you how good you look, trouble starts brewing...Talk to her, find out WHY she is doing that. It maybe something that you may rectify and save your marriage if you still wanna be with her.

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