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My Husband Living With Girlfriend
Yes, I knew exactly what you were saying, Trish. Just thought two opinions of the same nature were better than one. I am sure there very few if any who have not committed emotional adultery in their lifetime. It's a battle of the flesh and the devil. God gave us all feelings and desires but we need to use them appropriately. God can and will make this possible.

My Husband Living With Girlfriend
Trish,the Bible states that even the lustful thoughts and the lustful eyes of a man or woman looking at another with a sexual nature is considered adultery by God. You do not HAVE to literally commit the act. However, there IS forgiveness if one truly asks forgiveness and repents. Do you agree with me?

Can I Be Remarried In Church
Would someone with a lot of the "proper" kind of knowledge tell me and probably others on here if a Christian divorces as I did, remarries a Christian man (my first husband was not saved) and I am damned to hell, how do I repent of this sin other than to ask for God's divine grace and forgiveness in my situation? God hates divorce so am I supposed to divorce my second husband, once again doing something God hates? If divorce and remarriage were unpardonable sins, than it would surely be stated in the Bible that there is more than ONE unpardonable sin and we all know that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Any GODLY answers?? Not just opinions, please!

I Hate My Husband
For starters, Rhonda, I didn't wish her 34 years of good luck in abuse. I wished her my best in making the right choices for her life. You may want to reread the blog. How absurd of you to understand it that way!!

I Believe Divorce Is Wrong
No, Susie, there is nothing wrong with remaining single and celibate. However, Christ tells us it is better to marry than to burn.

Can I Remarry My Husband
And your point is, Watchmaster?? Kind of going around Robin Hood's barn here.

Can I Remarry My Husband
I'm very aware of what the Bible says, Carla. If you'd read "efficiently" what my blogs tell you, you'd PROBABLY be able to see that for yourself. I'm not a new christian, been one for 50 years now. AND like I said I waited for 34 years for my husband to repent and become a christian too. Abuse goes just so far and God does not want his children to be abused and miserable. I don't need a study guide to the Bible. I, on the other hand am a teacher and have very good study and reading skills. I also have the Lord whom I love and He is my guide. Thank you for all of your advice anyway!!

Can I Remarry My Husband
Thank you, Renee. I am now remarried to a Christian who too comes from a very abusive past. We work together with God as the center of our home to support and love each other. I know what the Bible says about marriage,,divorce..remarriage..and that is why I "tarried" for 34 years hoping my x would accept the Lord and stop his abusive ways., physically,,mentally,, and morally. God planned for two people to be together forever after the marriage vows, but you know, many times that does not happen. I am not asking for a pat on the shoulder for being divorced and remarried but kind words from other Christians outweigh the criticism and judgment others show.

Can I Remarry My Husband
I divorced my husband because of his abusive ways. He was not nor is he today a Christian, Carla. Have you ever heard of the term "forgiveness" in the Bible or has it ever been preached by your pastor? You may be one of the very best Christians to ever walk the face of the earth but God, and ONLY God is my judge. You make NO room in your comments to consider God's forgiveness and as to some of your comments you are playing God on here. You have NO idea how the Lord may be working in the lives of others just because you see things as you do. Sorry, but that is the way you come across.

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
Some of you sound like a bunch of little school age kids just beginning in the field of love and romance. For goodness sake!! Maybe you'd better ask the Lord what's right and good when it comes to the bedroom. Why would you want to be on here talking about issues like this with people you hardly know except through blogs?

Can I Remarry My Husband
Oh, I'm not disappointed and neither did this (not mine) Pastor lie to me. I SAID he takes each verse and explains divorce and the Biblical allowances for it. As for remarriage he does NOT agree with it. However, he states that IF divorce occurs and remarriage also, we are to take hold of the moment, go forward, ask forgiveness of our sins, live for the Lord, but do NOT make a second mistake by marrying a non-christian. I am so glad Christ is my judge and not people.

Remarrying After A Divorce
I'm not talking magazines or tv, Obewan. I'm referring to every day life concerning women and pictures of women in the neighborhood that my EX viewed at his place of work. Lust is lust,,whether it's magazines, tvs or actions. And, when it destroys your mate inside it's sin no matter how you look at it. This is only a drop in the bucket as to the emotional destruction he created in my life because of his lusting. It's up to the individual as to how they handle the situation. A man is supposed to PROTECT his wife and do everything and anything to make sure she KNOWS she is his love for life. He will always be responsible for making me feel as though men can never be trusted.

I Hate My Husband
If you think about your statement, "I HATE my husband", I don't think you really HATE him. You may "hate" the way you are feeling about yourself and without a doubt he has played a very large role in making you feel that way. I used to think I "hated" my ex husband too. He abused me verbally from the time we were dating and throughout our 34 years of marriage, I have never been able to bring myself to hate him. Hate is a very strong word and I can't imagine what a person who is able to hate must feel inside. I did divorce, but I am not suggesting you do. That should be your last alternative. Only 13 years, you have a very long way to go before reaching 34 as I did. I wish you the very best.

Miss California Controversy
In response to the post claiming that both Christian and non-Christian men are looking for those pictures, I'd like to just add that not ALL Christian men are doing that.!! Let's give the Lord glory and the Christian men CREDIT who are not. There are a FEW left out there whose loves are their wives and not other females.

Miss California Controversy
Would a true Christian woman put her body on public display? She is doing nothing different NOW as the type of swim wear the girls wear leaves little or nothing to the imagination. I personally feel she should be more concerned about what she does NOW then what she did years ago. Why is it that women like to exploit themselves on television, in public or anyplace else? Would any of those Christian ladies who read these blogs dress as she does for the pageants and be comfortable calling themselves Christians? Miss California's comments about marriage between one man and one woman is Biblical. My thoughts are perhaps she should consider beginning to save her body for that special man in her life to see, not all of the world.

Husband Says I Am Stupid
Let's face it folks, if we are Christians our marriages need to be and are supposed to be with a Christian mate. God's word says it and we had all better believe it. I would know! I am remarried to a Christian and we pray together every morning and every night on our knees before God. We NEVER fail to ask God to bless our marriage, to walk in his Word, and keep the outside world from entering into our home. And, yes, before anyone criticizes me for being divorced, I have asked God to forgive my part in our divorce. I have rededicated my live to Christ and my goal as well as my mate's is to serve Christ every day of our lives and love each other as Christ loves us. Remember!..Just because we are Christian does NOT mean we will never sin.

I Hate My Husband
Wow!..I thought this was a Christian site where the advice, thoughts and remarks were suppose to be Godly..I'd hate to think I had to keep communion with some of the "supporters"??? on here. I think perhaps Scott, for instance, could have replied in a more loving way or not replied at all. And no, divorce is not a happy experience or what God desires. However, when abuse has developed to the point in a marriage as this blogger describes, it may be inevitable. Judge not others in a harsh way,,speak in love and understanding. This kind of response given by Scott is exactly what causes women to "hate" men.

Divorce Abusive Husband
God hates divorce, yes. He hates it because of what it can do to families, emotions. However, God does NOT expect either a man or woman to be abused day after day. Mental abuse is horrible! I know!!..
We are forgetting that God who hates divorce is also the same God who hates ANY kind of sin because He is holy and cannot sin. But we still have that old nature and will until the day we see Christ. God also FORGIVES divorce,,knows every heart and HE is the only one we are accountable to. Seek his help and then seek the help of a Godly mentor. I remarried a Christian spouse and I do not feel that God is going to condemn me into hell for making the choice of marrying a Christian and being with someone who wants to serve him as well as I do.

Can I Remarry My Husband
After reading the comments here I want to say that what we do in life is between the Lord and each of us. He knows our hearts and thoughts. Regardless of what choices we make in life, we need to seek the Lord's guidance. One thing many people (including Christians) forget is that Jesus forgives even the deepest sin. For those of us who are Christians and have been through a divorce AND remarriage only need to go to the Savior, ask for SINCERE forgiveness for ANY sin we have had in our lives, take hold of the moment, and go forward living for him. That new life we are experiencing may be with a new spouse. If it is make sure it is with a Christian. Christians need to be equally yolked with other Christians. That has been proven on here..

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