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When Can You Take Communion
Jesus died on the cross for ALL SINS, not just for those who think they are without sin. I think Cluny forgot this.

How Often Do You Pray
1. We are always assured of an affirmative answer to prayer. It may not be what you want, but it will be what God wants.

2. No. The Bible says to pray without ceasing.

3. Pray without ceasing. Praying for salvations is about the biggest thing anyone can pray for.

Pray Or Argue With Cults
As an ex-Mormon, I will always pray that they come to Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is hard to argue with brainwashed people.

Husband Works Too Much
John....Thank you for the apology.

What's Up July 2010
I have sometimes had "foot in mouth" disease.

Rick Warren Starts Christlim
john.usa...My brother is an Elder in the community of christ and they do still use the Book of Mormon. It is one of the three "standard" scriptures they use. They changed the name to distance themselves from Mormons (LDS), but still use the Book of Mormon. They don't like to be called Mormons, but they are.

Loving A Married Man Wrong
born-again...As I said before, there are no words that will ever justify you being "in love" with a married man. Let me guess!!! He didn't introduce you to his family or his friends who would have all told you that he was married!!!! Since you must be very young and naive, let this be lesson number one in relationships! NEVER, EVER go out with a man who will not let you meet anyone who knows him.

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Donna66...The poster of this question asked "Shall I attempt to paddle his bare bottom?" This does not mean fully clothed.

Can I Spank My 14 Year Old
CraigA...I know how Jesus felt when he was beaten. That's why I turned away. Just the sound of the beating was painful enough. I could feel every stripe that HE received.

Can I Spank My 14 Year Old
Cluny...I absolutely understand your point about wearing a belt. The worst part of watching Passion of the Christ was the whipping scene. I had to turn away from watching it and could feel every lash that HE received.

Husband Doesn't Want Son
Robyn...Wow! Where did that hateful attitude come from? As the mother of three grown sons who take care of themselves instead of depending on mommy and daddy, I do know a little about things. As a pastor's wife, I often encounter women who want to put their children ahead of their husbands. The sad part of this story is that the wife can't accept her husband's decision and is going to make his life miserable because she and her son cannot get their way.

Pastors Rejecting Christ
Leslie...Having a heart for souls does not mean that we can control other peoples' decisions.

Husband Wants Me Back
Cheryl....Why attack Trish for giving a Biblical answer? You did not have the Biblical right to leave your unsaved husband. The Bible clearly says that if an unsaved spouse wants to leave, they can leave. It does not say you can leave your unsaved spouse so you and be "happy." Your ex probably only wants you back because he knows you are with someone else. My advise would be to not have a relationship with any man for a few years until you get your head on straight.

Starting A Prison Ministry
Bill....The first thing you would need to do is to contact the prison direct and find out the multitude of rules involved in any kind of prison ministry even just writing letters. It would be very beneficial to your church to reach out to a group or church that is already doing prison ministry. Getting into prison facilities has become much more complicated since 9/11. My husband is a volunteer chaplain in a jail and has been doing prison/jail ministry for over 20 years. It MUST BE A CALLING or it is not effective. Being a pen pal to an inmate can jeopardize you or your family in many ways. Use a PO box for the letters once you get through the prison criteria.

Son Will Not Pay Rent
Trish....10 year old son???? Typo, I hope.

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