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Why Do People Reject Jesus
"He came unto to his own,and his own received him not(John1;11)..their eyes were blinded as ours were until we believed..the Jews expected Jesus to come with great fanfare,as a glorious King not as a carpenters son (Mark6;3)Christ's death was all part of God's plan..(including the Jews rejection of Him.). so we could live with Him in eternity ..God,s plan for the redemption of mankind is awesome, including the death and resurrection of Jesus

Should I Leave My Church
u may need to decide is it you or the church that doesnt have spiritual God.. He may be telling u to move(remember the Israelites)if u r not connecting , growth in the Lord may be stunted..i would sincerely pray for God,s guidance and wait..He will answer..God CAN be found outside your dry boundary..He is everywhere..God bless (God is not in a building,but in the heart of man)Ye shall seek me and find me,when you search for me with all your heart(jeremiah29;13)

Was The World Made In 6 Days
we can ask God when we are with Him.God is such a meticulous creator that 6 literal days goes with His orderly attributes..He is NOT bound by time..He SPOKE and it happened..He has not revealed everything to us about Himself, we do not need to know,just believe that He is the creator

Does God Do My Will
tithing is NOT a "payment"forGod's blessings, it is an unconditional love offering to Him,we CAN ask God for anything we want but He decides..there is great difference between want and needs.. He is not a blessing machine(pay and collect)

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