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Husband Has A Girl Friend
It's curious the number Christian women here who express their willingness to stoop to physical domestic violence on their husbands.....

And at the same time the number of postings by Christian women who do nothing but complain about how mean their husbands are.

Yet, there is only ONE posting here from a man who feels his wife is not treating him right.

I wonder how many women look at themselves to see if maybe they are not responsible for their husbands' wanderings.

Identifying False Teachers
"If he disagrees with me, he's a false teacher."

That's the standard that's used by many on these blogs, even if not so sharply articulated.

None of them who think this consider that maybe THEIR ideas are wrong.

Soul Same As Spirit
May I suggest that the three are distinct, but are not supposed to be opposed to each other.

Holy Spirit With Tongues
**nevertheless i must admit that these people, whilst speaking gibberish where always seeking the translation, a thing which majority of todays charismatics fail to do.**

Someone once visited a Charismatic group that claimed to have interpretation being active. He stood up and said, "Pater imon, o en tis ouranis, agiasthito to onoma sou...."

The interpreter started the usual, "Oh, my people, I am with you to bless you...." rap.

The speaker said, "That was the Lord's Prayer in Greek. You mean the Holy Spirit couldn't recognize it?"

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
**Kenny, Thank you. I've been in the same situation with my husband who won't give me enough attention and affection. A male friend at church says he can give me what my husband won't. I don't want to waste the rest of my life with a man who doesn't meet my needs. I'm going for it.
---KarenD on 5/10/09**

I'm sure that you will be as faithful to your new husband as you were to your first.

I'm also sure your male friend at church has said the same thing to other married women.

Holy Spirit With Tongues
I will say what I've said before.

Every one I know who has claimed to be baptized with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues has just as difficult a time learning Biblical languages as those less sanctified.

Think about it.

False Teacher Action Toys
** While being interviewed by Larry King on live television, Joel Olsteen repeatedly denied and rejected CHRIST as being the only way to GOD and to receive SALVATION.

In his sermon entitled "I HAVE SEEN THE STAR", T.D. Jakes said the people of GOD are to be WALKING IN DARKNESS.**

I would like to know the context in which these things were said.

Jakes, for example, could have meant that Christians bring the light of Christ into dark places.

Is Mel Gibson A Christian
// Is this living a double standard or doesn't Mel really walk with the Lord?

donna, if what you believe to be Mel Gibson's sins means he doesn't "walk with the Lord," what can be deduced from what God KNOWS to be your own sins, secret from us though they may be?

False Teacher Action Toys
And then when they grow up, they will have associated characters in the Bible with childish toys, which will make them that much easier to give up.

Is Mel Gibson A Christian
**As for Mel isn't he getting a divorce now anyway? **

I wonder how many frequent posters to these blogs are divorced and remarried--maybe even more than once--themselves.

Somehow, their marital history doesn't mean they are not Christians--at least to them.

Christ Is The Rock Not Peter
**.katavasia, by me becoming born-again, and genuinely manifesting Christ's life which proves my salvation to the lost such as you.
---Eloy on 5/9/09**

The very fact that you think I'm not saved means I'm in pretty good spiritual shape.

Keep on blessing me. All you do is increase my heavenly treasure.

Christ Is The Rock Not Peter
** .mic, until you get saved you will remain lost in darkness and continue to blasph**

Where did you get the idea that YOU were saved, eloy?

Is Mel Gibson A Christian
** katavasia....Are you rolling over with laughter about now? That's like the pot calling the kettle black.
---SusieB on 5/7/09**

And just what was said that you expect me to laugh, SusieB?

Do Witches Exist Today
**Katty, the reason I know about the illuminati is because GOD revealed it to me on a specific date in 2004, while I was ironning and watching the CNN news.**

fanny, the reason I believe you are paranoid is that God revealed it to me the first time I read one of your postings.

Anti-Christ Is Coming
** Well I believe there are many, many Antichrists, one being my x husband
---Elvira on 4/29/09**

I'd be curious to hear what Elvira's ex-husband has to say.

Prove End Times Are Here
At Pentecost, in Acts 2, St. Peter quoted the prophecy of Joel, saying, "This is that which was spoke of by the prophet: In the last days I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh..."

In other words, we've been in the last days since Pentecost.

Do Witches Exist Today
**Find out. Prove it all wrong if you can, katty.**

Who is katty?

Oh, well. Birds of a feather ...

Wine Turning Into Blood
** katavasia:

So then, I am correct - the change is NOT a physical one. In the same sense that when you speak to an ambassador or other government representative, you "speak to the crown", yet it's plain to everyone that the king is NOT actually present - but his authority is.**

OK, if you don't push this too far.

My point is the change has NEVER been physical, nor understood to be physical, or perceptible to the senses.

Hinduism vs Christianity
Christ uses all sorts of ways to attract people to Himself.

Do Witches Exist Today
** katvasia: According to two different dictionaries I referenced ater reading your comment indicates you are wrong.**

Dictionaries by and large these days are DESCRIPTIVE, rather than perscriptive, and tell how a word actually gets used, even if its a solecism.

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