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Filled With Holy Spirit
Lennox, my first question would be.. are you saved? And if you say yes, exactly what do you believe salvation is?

The Holy Spirit is given only to those who are IN CHRIST. And if you are IN CHRIST, how did you come to be IN CHRIST?

In other words the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey the Gospel. Many people have their own understanding of THE GOSPEL. Many are not biblical.

The Calvinist System

Galatians 3:8
And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.

Galatians 3:14
That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

David, the law did not annul the promises made to Abraham.

People Reject God
So ven are you also saying God is a robot too. You know robots have no feelings. Seeing God is long-suffering not WILLING any should perish, show God has feelings about it. And showing God is not WILLING any to perish also shows men have free will to choose life or death. Since you are not God, I find it highly offensive that you feel some need to represent God's feelings on anything seeing you misrepresent God's Word.

I find your question offensive and borderline blasphemy. We know For GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. We know God hates sin. We know God is merciful, long-suffering ,compassionate. What else do you need to know ven?

Seamless Pro-Life Stance
Correction, illigitimate Protestant babies. And this being in Ireland where the hate factor was/ and maybe still is extreme more than anywhere between Catholics and Protestants .....would possibly think of illigitimate Protestant babies as nothing more than a turd.

Roman Chinese Christianity
Here is what is horrifying about Cluny's last comment on Acts 5. He accuses Peter of being a murderer. He's made Peter Judge jury and executioner singlehandedly. No even in the OT was such a thing done. Even when Jesus was accused, why didn't one of the Pharisees just knife Jesus? Even Moses set up judges to hear cases. The Priests or High Priests NEVER were instructed to singlehandedly murder anyone...even if sin was involved.

Even your twist on the Priesthood is sick. It's well known horrible crimes of murder did and maybe today does take place behind the scenes of your CULT's MURDER..EVIL...

You know, Cluny's comment is disturbing on so many levels.

Spiritual Food And Drink
Brendan, Twisting others words is worse than twisting letters in a word .....Is LOSER behavior.

The EARTHLY PRIESTHOOD CHANGED when the New Covenant came in....and the ONLY High Priest is Jesus Christ. The Priests robes and head gear in the OT was for them ALONE, and scripture details their garments and their job no one else could do. There is no such clothing or detailing of any human priesthood detailing any such garments or specific job description of a priesthood under the New Covenant. What you are doing is ANTI-CHRIST behavior. And also IS NOT what Peter has in mind stating "we" the BOC are a royal priesthood. The BOC does not wear robes and crowns on earth. However the Mother of Harlots does. Take heed!

Roman Chinese Christianity
Brenda, here's the problem with you and Nicole. Possibly one in the same person?????

I quote scripture, and you both create some sort of reason ( out of your own understanding) why Paul or Luke lied in Acts. Nicole did the same thing, when I quoted scripture that one day the Church ..that is US will One day judge the world and the Angels. Then she goes off with a tangent, coming up with all sorts of reasons why Paul lied, just because she didn't get it, believe it or understand it.

So Brenda, if you have issues with the Bereans searching the scriptures daily...which would be the OT, argue your issues with the Lord, and both of you stop creating a false scenario and then arguing with me. I'm not the author of scripture..

Roman Chinese Christianity
Another thing Brenda, you were not there in Berea when the Bereans searched the scriptures DAILY to see if what Paul was preaching was true. So how do you know what was and wasn't ......are you GOD? A psychic....with your witchcraft and crystal ball you have looked back in history summoning the dead?

Your argument here is a infantile as it can get.

One thing the verse does NOT say is ..." And the Bereans went to the temple or Barney's home church and asked the self appointed POPE to interpret scripture." But you coming from a religion where you had to do why only YOU can't understand the simplicity of it all.

Roman Chinese Christianity
Those who believe in Sola S still use their own interpretation of what they think a verse or word mean. Take whosoever will....and the creative way it is non-biblically interpreted. Calvin's interpretation of a nonbiblical infant baptism proving WHAT? Calvin believed his salvation was because of his infant baptism. So the Sola S is even up for grabs. However the assistance of the Holy Spirit who reveals the truth to ONLY those IN CHRIST is where my money is at. So that argument just bit the dust.

But Extra biblical! like, pergetory , Marionology, self mutilation, flogging ones self, wearing sack cloth, walking on broken glass or hot coals, wearing silly robes and crowns, kissing statutes , .....that's another issue altogether.

Roman Chinese Christianity

duvious is one of millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join duvious on Roblox and explore together!

Now DUBIOUS is an altogether different word with a real definition.

Brendan is not as quick on his feet here with the guys. So what were you whining about Brendan?

I'm going to have to drop the MONK it is an insult to all Monks everywhere.

Spiritual Food And Drink
Just another ignorant comment from Monk ...seeing Einstein, along with many brilliant folks can't spell. So I see you can spell, but are ignorant as well. So there ya go. Deflecting into insults because you can't answer the question, making you perfect spelling false teachers.

Spiritual Food And Drink
Cluny, the issue is.....the nonexistent nonbiblical false teaching you all have of an earthly priesthood. And your false teaching that your nonbiblical priesthood has some sort of extra nonbiblical power to turn crackers, wafers, bread ( all made from human flour, water, salt eggs etc) cooked or baked in a human oven first. All hold the same ingredients, some add yeast , some do not. The FORM the dough comes out as, depending too on how long it's baked in a human oven, what kind of pan or baking sheet....IS NOT THE ISSUE. The issue is, there is no NT priesthood for this tradition that ANY OF IT IN ANY FORM is turned literally INTO GOD. Some find that teaching VULGAR, since it teaches canibalism.

Who Will Be Saved
"Definite atonement", "potential atonement". hilarious! John and RichardC along with all Calvinist's have their own dictionary with their very own meanings to support their very own cult. It's a common practice. Also they love throwing out these words to make you think they know something you don't... BOORING!

Neither of those words are used in scripture John. Nice try. Totally dorky. I guess John's gnostic side is coming out...having some sort of superior KNOWLEGDE to something his supposed church fathers had some council over and decided this or that in order to perpetuate the lies. That's what they have to do when confronted with scripture that doesn't fit into their false doctrine.

Spiritual Food And Drink
Cluny, this PRETEND priesthood states they themselves become Jesus and stand in His place is anti-Christ. Paul never taught such things, nor did Peter. AND you all PRESUME upon others that the body and blood are both in the wafer....again another FALSE assumption you all made up. That's why your congregation only take the wafer. ALSO, communion has been around since the beginning of the Church....but what YOU ALL have done with it is NOT in scripture.

Maybe before people had Bibles where they could read for themselves, they had nothing to go by but your say so..with all these masses every day....all day long....and I'm sure a monitary offering was collected with it,RCC became VERY RICH off the backs of the ignorant.

Forgive Their Sins
Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta, was an Empress of the Roman Empire, and mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. Born the lowest of commoners, possibly in Drepana, Bithynia in Asia Minor, she became the consort of the future Roman Emperor Constantius Chlorus and the mother of the future Emperor Constantine the Great She ranks as an important figure in the history of Christianity and of the world due to her influence on her son. In her final years, she made a religious tour of Syria Palaestina and Jerusalem, during which she allegedly discovered the True Cross. Pious beliefs also associate her with the foundation of the Vatican Gardens

Forgive Their Sins
There is another interesting thing here to note. Does anyone remember 2000 Jubilee in Rome, where all who took this pilgrimage to Rome who walked through some door or something the Pope declared their sins were all forgiven if they walked through the door. Well, was it based on that verse John 20:23 that the Roman Priesthood took such liberties? Faith in a door? Faith in their own efforts? Faith in the Popes false teaching? Just remember what Paul said in Thesselonians about the anti_Christ sitting in the temple as though he were God. This is a perfect example.

Preaching the FORGIVNESS OF SIN is what was given the Apostles, based on REPENTANCE AND JESUS DEATH AND RESURRECTION LIFE and exactly what was preached at Pentecost.

Can Criminals Change With God
Is there some strange Idol worshipping of claiming a peace of HIS Cross ( they claim the have) on occasions BLEED! Like statues of Mary bleeding tears from the eyes. ACTUALLY IT WAS SOMETHING Nicole once said that caused me to research and uncover the FORESKIN of Jesus they claim they have, that created an international incident when It was stolen. So should we dig deeper into the FALSE DOCTRINE and memorabilia of the RCC they are so attached to ...I find much more note worthy than a typo that did NOT change one thing.

Ok so you look for misspelled words, and typos and I'll look for false doctrine and idolatry. Hope that works for you both.

Can Criminals Change With God
Nicole, you can't even get what Monk said correct. Colossians 1:20 does not say JUST BLOOD..

HIS CROSS...THE make such a big deal that It changes the meaning. When I think of THE CROSS, I never think about anyone BUT JESUS. So let me look at scripture and see if EVERY VERSE THAT HAS CROSS IN IT SAYS HIS CROSS. What if it says THE CROSS.....what will happen Monk.....? And the song..."THE " OLD RUGGED CROSS, is NOT His Old Rugged Cross. Only a nitwit who has NEVER heard the Gospel,or EVER read scripture would MAYBE MAYBE be confused...


Virtual Reality Churches.
Steveng, I went back and researched and found that John is using the word Universalism incorrectly. Coming from a Calvinist, he uses is against those who believe in whosoever will, as a universal call to all men.

However the CORRECT definition of Universalism means that in the end all man will be saved...

Again I sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding.

But will also state no one is going to heaven based on good works alone.

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