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Demons Attack While Sleeping
Thanks for your responses so far. Let me clarify: I am not involved in the occult. I find the subject fascinating, but rebuking any spirits after waking up from these nightmares is the extent of my communication with any of them. (That and the occasionally thanking my guardian angel). Believe me that is not a door I want to open. And these dreams aren't usually so much being 'chased' as 'haunted,' though chase dreams and dreams in which I'm struggling aren't uncommon for me. I will consider your responses and gladly accept any more you have to offer. - Kat

Demons Attack While Sleeping
Andy3996: There's no record, to my knowledge, of occult activity in my family. But that's a good question I may look into.

Vicky: Yes I am a Christian, one who is rock solid in her faith. Thanks for your advice.

My interest is more of an academic interest in the way the paranormal theoretically functions. But I would never touch a ouija board or even want to be in the same building. Seances or Tarot cards? Absolutely not.

One of the main reasons I ask this question is I have a similar interest in sharks. Sometimes I get nightmares about them too. Makes me think the demons are just dreams. Yet these dreams, one in particular, make me wonder.

Thanks again, all.

Can We Exorcise Ourselves
Yes. Through Jesus' name we have power over any spirit attempting to overcome us. However, if you've left yourself vulnerable to possession, you may lack the spiritual strength to cast out the spirit yourself. You can strengthen your spiritual armor and try, but you should also seek help, and counsel. The longer a spirit is allowed to live with you, the harder it will become to remove. Get others involved. Even if they're skeptical, ask them to pray for you. Have family, friends, and if possible, a priest or pastor present. Exorcism can be dangerous, and should not be taken lightly. It's vitally important, though, to take spiritual authority over your body. This is what will ultimately remove the spirit and keep it from returning.

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