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Why Doesn't God Give Me A Mate
Hey this is to Kathy - I like to hear more of your experience with living for Jesus and attracting men - this is an interesting story, 2ndly we have been mistaken for each other on these blogs. My apologies, I will stick to my handle, If you look on your blog history, you are "accused" of saying somethings I was responsible for LOL. You sound very intelligent tho so I hope maybe I was mistaken for you too. God bless

Newest Humor Blog
barb and elder you 2 are so funny tonight I just about woke the kids laughin so loud. thanks you two you've just made my day!!

What Brings You Happiness
Eloy cont.- Elder just sent to you some annointing soaked Words of Life straight from the heart of Jesus...Eloy you are blessed, your emotions dont know it but they are not you,they belong to you, and believe it or not, you can take charge of them. Get spiritual counselling now, go for help. reach out and take it.. this is urgent do not delay you are worth it!!!

Should I Ask Husband To Resign
Wow, so much amazingly wise advise. Read it all carefully and prayerfully. You are in a very difficult situation. You need alot of prayer time and prayer support to deal with all of this. These folks are here for you.
God is your Strength and Protector. He will do all this for you and Through you.

I Need To Read The Bible
You can understand the Bible,just pray & ask the Holy Spirit to help you. The easiest reading translations are "Living Translation, NIV-New Internat'l Version, New King James. Or a Paraphrase like the Living Bible, or the Message Bible are very easy reading but are subject to a man's interpretation of the english rather than the original languages. Start reading in John. If that's confusing, try the other Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, before you go any farther. Remember always PRAY 1st!

This Is The Shortform Blog
My apologies to all, my initial response was to defend barb's idea, sorry for being so ofensive. But there were some very angry sounding responses before I ever entered the picture if you'll go back and read them. But I am guilty of the greater offense by far - so sorry all.

This Is The Shortform Blog
if these abbreviations disturb you then don't use them. I personally feel the need to understand them. I dont like being left out in the dark about abreviation or slang. I always want to know what my kids are up to. So if it doesn't affect your life forget about it. Just let those of us who it does matter to know without getting so "holier that thou". I dont actually use it either except for a couple of common friendly terms, but if it offends a brother dont do it? whew it's heated in here.

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