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Finish It Here April 2015
It appears Genesis says God DIVIDED the light from darkness before any sun was even mentioned, much less the earth rotating around the sun creating 24 hour days or the source that we today have as the source of light. So Warwick, you are saying the earth was orbiting SOMETHING???? before the sun causing 24 hour days that brought about light and darkness as it rotated...OR AS SCRIPTURE STATES, GOD DIVIDED THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS. he divided the waters from the waters on the second. And the second day was the firmament created called heaven where our stars moon and sun were put into place, but not until the 4th day. There again an evening and a morining without the sun. So there is NO proof of any 24 hr days until the 4 th day.

Is The Holy Spirit Leaving
Samuel, this is what I believe, taught to me by the Lord, not man.

The second Coming is spoken in Matthew 24-25, and Zechariah 12-14. It follows the Wrath of God, where Jesus returns to earth as KING, for 1000 years, of which after, the Kingdom is delivered up to the Father (1 Cor 15 explains in detail) so God can be all in all. WE the CHURCH are translates out before that great and terrible day of the Lord...His wrath...( we are saved from the wrath to come) Thessalonians explains, WE are translated out to meet the Lord in the clouds TO FOREVER BE WITH THE LORD, and return with Him in Glorified Bodies, to reign and rule with Christ 1000 years. It's all in Scripture.

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