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Demon Caused Diseases
I agree with Leslie, on some of what she is saying. people are walking around as sleep walkers. A sleep walker is a person that doesn't know that he or she doesn't know.Ther is not one case of mental illness in the bible. appathy, pride lust, depression are all things of satan and Jesus gave us the power to remove these things. people need to read the word in the spirit and allow God to reveal things to you. there is nothing new under the sun. The bible is not literal.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
seems like their are alot of closed minded people. The bible does not actually use the word hypnosis, but hypnosis was used in the bible. Faith of something is hypnosis. Noone can take control of your mind unless you allow them even under hypnosis. You have the right to reject any suggestion that is given. That is what hypnosis is positive suggestions. You only use 12% of you r concious and 88% of subconscious. The 88% is what has been hypnotized your whole life. from The time you are born, you have learned behaviors some good some bad. You were hypnotized. You ever see commercials and you run out and buy something that is hypnosis. People spend thousands on comercials tohypnotize the audience everyday.watching a movie is hypnotizing.

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