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Christians Remarry After Divorce
This is really confusing. You can't really say: considering the fact that people have different situations that lead to divorce and are bound to face different situations after divorce.

God help us.

Confess Affair To My Husband
i would want to know the truth,what would hurt more than someone being unfaithful would be the decepion behind it,sometimes the truth has a way of finding you out,however all situations are differant as a man i would want to know the truth, i would seek the lord in prayer,and search your heart,i would think he has the right to know,there are alot of std,s,you would not want to take a chance of giving someone you love without there knowing of the other being unfaithful.. be blessed

Does Purgatory Exist
Eloy, I don't get it. What was so terrible about what Deb wrote. Do you have a screw loose? Here you are coming on strong with your condemnation. Your a fanatic! You could never win me to Christ. Next~!

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
because he died for us, and he is the creator,stand blessed.

Am I A Prophet Of God
l dont mean to be rude, but when it comes to the understanding of the bible, quantum physics is a good place to start. It is there one comes to a humbling realisation that there is a higher "other" who leaves us stomped and trying to comprehend him is like the goat grasping calculus.

Calculus may not be confusing - its just the mind of the goat being too...simple.

So talking about the bible not making sense is like taking a piece out of an abstract painting - without understanding the context or the design of the artist.


Is Abortion A Political Issue
Liberal Christian, in my view, is an oxy-moron. I don't see how anyone can be liberal and still call themselves a Christian.

God says he knew us BEFORE we were in our mother's womb. He is the creator of life. To take that life, in the womb or after, is against the moral standard outlined in God's Word.

Obama could be right 99% of the time (I don't think it's anywhere close to that) but his stand on not only abortion but his votes to NOT allow health care to babies who survived (as in out of the womb survived) botched abortions is infanticide. I can't as a believer even consider him!

Who Is Babylon
Kath>>Ken, I did read your entire post and do read all of your posts. I simply answered your theory with scripture showing NY and the towers are not the Babylon of scripture.

So, with that, why are we discussing man made theories at the expense of scripture?

Man made babel/fables etc, only leads to more ungodliness leading away from Truth, undermining God's word.

I see this a lot in your post on many subjects.

1. It wasn't MY theory, for now the THIRD TIME.

2. Since you see man made fables leading to ungoddliness leading away from truth and my undermining of God's Word in my posts, we are done. If you really see this you must reject me.

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