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Chronic Pain Affects Social Life
Hi Maureen,
hope that works out for You,been my self known to just dump a couple tablespoons down the back of my throat and flush down with a quart of water...

Chronic Pain Affects Social Life
if You can find cayenne pepper capsules at a organic or homeopathic shop? it has been found that Cayenne pepper blocks pain receptors in the brain,so it may bring You some relief,or atleast reduce Your pain to a predictable level,without any negative side effects.

What Is Sin
Sin is a term used in archery,it is to miss the mark/bullseye.

I Am Having Visions
i have not always believed in god. until 4 years ago. when the lord started coming to me in visions. he speaks to me he heals through me. i have written a book because i have witnessed so many miracles. i want to share them with the world. i want everyone to know how jesus loves. i have not published the book yet. i am waiting on the word from jesus.

What Are Concubines
isn't it ironic that in the U.S.A. polygamy(having of more than one husband) is illegal,however polygyny(the having of more than one wife) is not :)

Christian Preterists Post Trib
Lucky for You Mary,
No Floggings on Wednesday's :)

Christian Preterists Post Trib
Pantribist, it's gonna pan out :)

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
Ironic! i operate two food pantry's one is private funded,the other is state funded,
since Obama has been in office the private funded pantry is near empty,however the state funded pantry has items in it i had never seen before,true i have been experiencing increase of clients,however i have received increase of product also :)

Is Jesus God Or A Son
Jesus refers to God as His Father,and God say's,"this is My Beloved Son listen to Him." thats good enough for me :)

Who Is The Earth Beast
America!!! is the Beast...
You gotta consider they thought the earth was flat back then,and this New World pops up outta,lol,well from off the side of the flat planet...heheheheheee....

Is Evolution True Science
create a river,a canyon evolves....

Illegal Immigration In Arizona
when Japan invaded USA, we nuked them.
when Taliban attacked towers,we are still killing them.
i think mexico is getting very lenient treatment.considering the afore mentioned.

Was The Flood Regional
seeing all historical accounts mention a global flood....interesting blog!!!

Kingdom Filled With Violence
On Earth as it is in Heaven?
evil men prosper and
righteous men die....

Will God Restore My Marriage
I will tell you right now yes. Yes you can ask for that marriage back. No man seperate. That even means the two of you. Yeah it was wrong to seperate him but that is the past and he forgives you. You will have to be patient with god but man god will be excited to hear you ask him. He didn't want you two to seperate in the first place so I believe he is all for it. Follow Christ as an example and pray everyday and be faithful to your first husband like you are still married. No partying or boyfriends. Grow a relationship with god and do.right in his eyes and everything will follow. Stay faithful to god and.I'm sincere you will coming. Remember to bear with one love. Be a good wife. God bless you.

World Ending In 2012
according to jewish lit. 6/25/2011 is the 7000 year anniversery of the flood of Noah.

Parents Said No To Marriage
lol,You sound like my Sister when She was 18,they celebrated their 25th wedding annversery this year...

Can I Have Many Wives
First: i would like to say,"Thank You" to all who have participated in this blog,i am niether pro nor anti polygyny/poligamy,what families do is their business...
second:the purpose of this question is to find whether truth or tradition ruling our consciences.
third: to those of You who twisted scriptures to meet Your opinion,God bless You best :)

What Is Witch Craft
to my best understanding the word witchcraft was derived from the word pharmakia which the word pharmacudical sprouted from ...

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