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My Fiancee Has A Male Friend
highly encourage You to discuss this with Her,and discuss Your friendgirls also :D

Christians In Protests
they are called protestants :D
but not mentioned in the bible.
and as cluny was saying christians were whipped beaten and killed,and they prayed about it,and well gee it is not like You whip and beat people that are going along with Your shenanegans?

Victimized Class Of Americans
i see in the media there is war on illiteracy,homelessness,poverty,hunger,obesity,drugs,terrorist, so i am guessing this involves the peoples that partake in such activities?
so i reckon is is safe to guess that if You have been declared war upon,and You do not wish to fight,You are a victim of war?

Economic And Moral Decline
it appears the only people experiencing economic decline are those who trust in money,and the only people experiencing moral decline are those who trust in their own understanding...

Politically Correct Christians
there are those who live and preach the gospel of Jesus, there are those who live and preach facism.
Jesus said there would be goats in the sheep pen,and HE will sort them out in the end :D

Seminary Makes Non Christians
on earth as it is in heaven?
there are those ordained by God,there are those ordained by men,on earth as it is in heaven....

World Ends This December

Revelation 21:1
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea.

i do not see the word "END",do You?

Are Apostles & Prophets Real
original question? so true ):

Should Christians Be Poor
blessed are the poor?

I Have Had Two Abortions
i gonna quote my friend Paul,
Live Forward!!!!

Beginning Of Son Of God
GOD said," let there be Light"
Jesus said," i am the Light"
this is good enough for my simple belief :)

USA Federal Government
NurseRobert,consider Medicare/Medicaid,lol,You even work for the Gov't....

Want Chase In My Marriage
Communicating this to Your Mate is a better start,than communicating it to us...

USA Federal Government
the USA Gov't is by the people for the people,considering 64% of the people work for the goverment,probably to big?

Why Do Christians Judge
well see there are two trees,if we pick Our fruit from the tree of life ,we love... if we pick our fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we have deemed things,people,places,good or bad,and left no room for love...

Adding To The Bible
i find this a interesting topic as i have three bibles one has 66 books another has 72 books and the other has 86 books,which one is correct?

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