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Do Women Dress Appropriately
such a funny answer carla...not rly though cuz that was the stupidest answer ever just stay home and clean and cook like your supposed to

Am I Going To Die
i think that you should make your will and then pray and God has a plan for all of us so whatever he has planned for you accept it for it is the right choice from God

Boyfriend Looks At Other Girls
first off it doesnt matter that he looks at other girls because he isnt doing anything with them and he still is with you,and i think that you also look at guys when your walking on the street or anywhere else

I Hate My Wife
Well i have a shirt that says my wife is always right so im gonna use that logic for your problem and say you are probably lazy and stupid so change yourself and pray to God

Ok To Kill A Child Molestor
how does that make sense if your killin which is commitin a crime n yet that is why u want to kill whom ever?

Deadly Anti-Christ Wound
well according to Austin 3:16 "I just whooped ur ass"

Hank Hennegraff Preterist
he got from God of course why is this even a question

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