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Obama For President
sorry, i meant to comment on obama. he's so well spoken and seems so kind. i think this country is long been ready for a black president.i'm not so sure he'll get the black vote, i don't think they feel he knows what it's like to be oppressed. i do think more black voters will support hillary.9854

My Son Is Cutting His Arms
i can tell you from past experience that he is in emotional pain. my best-friend was killed when i was 15. i took a razor blade and cut on my arms, i didn't tell anyone and i didn't want to kill myself. something about the physical pain made the emotional part bearable. i didn't learn until years later that it is a way of distracting oneself.please-find out what's bothering him, do you suspect sexual abuse? as a survivor, it's more common than what most people think. god bless your son. kimberlynn9864

Thoughts On Reincarnation Demons
please, heed my words. in these last days, it's even more important to keep what is true in your mind, when these thoughts come, ask yourself, are they from god? if not ignore them they will go away, also start praising jesus! he will protect you from the one who wants you detroyed. he is a liar!! and will always attack you in new ways, but- there is power in the blood!kimberlynn9864

Obama For President
i think it will be clinton/obama, or clinton/edwards. I am a spirit-filled christian but, i don't vote straight republican, i'm more of a conservatve democrat. i search my heart and pray before i vote. i don't see enough being done with healthcare, that frustrates me. i know people have a hard time with what pres. clinton did, but- he asked for forgiveness, if god has forgiven him how can we not? kimberlynn9864

Obama For President
sorry, i meant to comment on obama. he's so well spoken and seems so kind. i think this country is long been ready for a black president.i'm not so sure he'll get the black vote, i don't think they feel he knows what it's like to be oppressed. i do think more black voters will support hillary.9854

Why Did God Create Man
for fellowship, but- out of free will. kimberlynn9854

Thoughts On Reincarnation Demons
be very, very, careful of the ideas you entertain. i attended christian center in south bend, in. and was taught by one of the foremost teachers on demons. I was truly blessed to be taught by dr. lester sumrall.
even something so simple as reading your daily horoscope will open a door for evil.get this reincarnation business out of your mind. kimberlynn9864

My Fiance Believes In Religions
he's lost. i agree with the moderator.take some hard learned advice, you will have nothing but hardship and heartache if you do not marry a born-again christian. been there and through that, it's not worth it. i now have a christian husband, pray for god to send you one. you are in my prayers. kimberlynn9854

My Fiance Believes In Religions
forgive me, i should have also said for you to pray for him to find the truth, because he is searching, i will pray for him also. kimberlynn9854

Adjusting To Husband's Death
bless your heart, i am truly sorry. my dad passed in 2001 and i witnessed the changes my mom went through.stay connected to positive christians, be sociable but also take time for yourself.take very good care of your will laugh, cry, and maybe be angry, but-grieving is a process,and healing will come.being thankful and counting my blessings helped me.sometimes it seems there is no end to the painful loss,but-i found soon after much joy and in the lord, and heal.kimberlynn9854

Is Hypnosis For Christians Bad
they do have christian psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists, i've had therapy for depression/panic disorder and i am a spirit-filled christian.i also take meds. hypnosis-i don't think so. god has other ways of healing. be very careful in your choice of counseling-find a christian. god bless you. you are in my prayers.kimberlynn9854

How Do I Cope With Life
bless your heart. i am sorry this has happened to you. i was a single mother for a long time and it can be overwhelming. what helped me through was i went to jesus with all my worries, and sadness, lonliness. i also found other single mothers to talk to ask god to send you a support system. he knows what you need before you even ask. you are in my prayers. kimberlynn9864

End Times Prophecy
i am 48 years old and have never seen the world in such a state as it is now. even the state some christians are in. we have become so intolerent, judgemental, merciless, lovers of money and pleasure. nothing you hear in the news is shocking anymore. since 9-11 people live in fear. Satan has unleashed a war on our children, all types of abuse, abductions. who else would he like to destroy the most but- god's precious ones. this convinces me the most that jesus is coming soon. kimberlynn9854

Can't Loose Your Salvation
If a person accepts jesus as the messiah, asks him into their heart, turns away from sin,(repents)forgiveness. salvation is a gift from god, only through the shedding of christ's blood. no. if you were ever truly saved, no, you cannot lose it. I don't believe our heavenly father would ever let us stray so far away that we couldn't get back to him.conviction can sometimes be mistaken for condemnation, we are no longer condemned.
we are truly saved through christ's blood, once. god bless. kim9854

I Don't Like To Say Jesus
I'm not quite sure i understand the reason you can't bring yourself to say the name of jesus. i hope i can help. there is no other name in which one can enter the kingdom of heaven. the very word christian-to be christlike- is from the christ, the savior, jesus. jesus was god's word made flesh, his son. he shed his blood to cover our sins. all he did on earth we can do in his name!have you ever asked him into your heart? god bless and i hope you'll be shouting JESUS soon.kimberlynn9854

Ear Piercing A Sin
this lies in legalism, we live under the law of grace. examine your heart, it's more important what lives there than what you have in your ears. god bless. kimberlynn9854

Our Responsibility To Animals
animals are god's creation, i believe he created them to teach us kindness, compassion,and tenderness. If we cannot treat the least of these this way, how do we treat other human beings?a stray dog came to my aunt's house once and was starving. It had the most beautiful blue eyes. She worried what to do and i told her the bible says to feed the hungry, and it doesn't say just people. She may have been " entertaining an angel unaware" kimberlynn9854

Will We Know People In Heaven
I do believe we will know each other in heaven, not the relationship we had on earth and we won't miss the ones who aren't there.we will know each other in a new way, and i don't believe it's a waste of time to wonder that.Our heavenly Father loves us and knows we wonder about our eternal home. kimberlynn9854

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