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Trinity Of God
there are many ways to deny the trinity. i do not deny that Jesus is God, the father is God or the Holy Spirit is God i just have issues with how many "personalites" make up God as a whole. I beleive in ONE who can manifest Himself in many ways at the same time. so im going to hell? according to most of you yes, according to the Spirit of truth within me no.

Worship In Spirit And Truth
This verse is Jn. 4:24 -notice one big thing here. "spirit" is in lower caps. "Spirit" = God or HS "spirit" = something else. i think the something else is our spirit or passion. i think God wants passionate worship but not all this clucking like the Toronto blessing, it must be mixed with truth. I think king David set the standard and he said "i will be even more undignified than this (dancing)" lose your pride and just worship but stay in the Bible.

UPC And Christian Equally Yoked
as old as this blog is i say they either did it or they didnt it.

Next Two Years On Earth
as far as my church goes we are going to have to build a new building to hold all the new converts we are having. i think revival will continue to thrive. our last general conference over 1000 people received the HS in one service and while that sort of thing happens overseas alot i forsee it happening here in the west more and more until He comes!

Last Time You Sinned
some people have a hyper since of sin. some think every second they dont spend praying or thinking about God is sin, or that anything they do for themselves. constently repenting over every emotion and action is legalism and bondage. It takes away from the real seriousness of REAL sin. What must it look like when someone truly repents from lying, sexual imorality or general ungodliness then another repents over forgeting to set his watch. its like saying im so rightious that this even bothers me.

Pope Received Standing Ovation
you will all be glad to know that every service in our church and i suspect all our fellowship Jesus Christ gets a standing ovation!
as far as catholic leadership goes Jesus commanded in Matt 23:9
'Do not call anyone on earth your father, for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.'
but thats the least of their non biblical worries.

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