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Can We Become Sinless
**We can do whatever we like because Jesus has done it all on the cross. To me this is just a revival of Gnosticism.**

The proper term frances008 is looking for here is NOT gnosticism but antinomianism.

Did Jesus Have Brothers
""The only way to get around the verses that speak of His brothers and sisters is to change the meaning of 'brother' and 'sister' to be something more generic, ""

Matthew 1 refers to "Judah and his brothers"--even though they actually had 4 mothers among them.

And Abraham referred to Lot as his "brother," even though he was actually Lot's uncle.

And then the lovers in Song of Solomon refer to each other as "brother" and "sister."

So, the Bible DOES use frequently sibling language in what is clearly NON-sibling meaning.

Stop The Unbearable Pain
I have gout, which is a form of arthritis.

I would have my worst attacks at the changes of seasons, too.

It's the fluid in our joints swelling up in response to changes in atmospheric pressure.

Maybe you could ask your dr. about taking an anti-inflammatory, such as Indocin, when the attacks are really bad.

Type Of Church You Attend
One where the worship is offered according to the Biblical pattern as is pleasing to the Lord, and the pure Word of God is preached without fear or favor.

In other words, an Eastern Christian Church.

Is God's Kingdom Democratic
There's no such thing as a literal earthly millennium.

That's like asking, "When diamonds fall from the sky, will it lower the price of oil?"

However, Christ reigns in His Church, which is a monarchy based on unanimity and consensus.

The False Doctrines Blog
** "...Being baptized as a baby does not save you or mean you are born-again."
---Holly4jc on 6/19/08 **

Yes, it does.

Argue with Jesus about it.

The False Doctrines Blog
**No Kumquat? Why did Jesus preach to the multitudes?
You could call these prayer meetings, revivals, gatherings etc.**

Calling them revivals and invitation hymns won't MAKE them revivals and invitation hymns.

The False Doctrines Blog
**2. Revivals, altar calls and invitation hymns are "means" to draw people to Christ. These are not doctrines. Is there something unbiblical about these means? Not that I know.**

Well, Christ Himself never found them necessary. Nor did the Apostles. Nor did Christians for 1900 or so years.

**3. Personal Savior and accept Christ in your heart. These are just "church phrases" for Romans 10:9-10 and other related verses. Different strokes for different folks, however nothing unbiblical.**

In other words, they are phrases not found in the Bible.

The False Doctrines Blog

Please show the scriptures for each of your comments as to why you believe the concepts are wrong.**

Moderator, how can I give scriptures for things I listed that are NOT in the Scriptures?

Didn't you understand what I posted?

And Elder, where did you get the idea I was an atheist?

The False Doctrines Blog
Here are some non-Biblical doctrines and ideas in Protestant Churches.

1. dispensationalism
2. revivals
3. altar calls and invitation hymns.
4. "personal Savior"
5. "accept Christ in your heart"

You won't find these ANYWHERE in the Bible.

Why do the very people who cry "sola scriptura" cling to these non-Biblical ideas?

Did Jesus Go To Hell
It depends on what you mean by "hell". The word actually has two meanings: either the place of eternal punishment (gehenna), or the abode of departed spirits (hades or sheol).

The "hell" Christ descended to is the second one.

Church Practices Paganism
Amen...lets not let others change God's day of worship! Lets remember Him on the day He said "Remember to keep Holy"! (ex 20:8)

so true ...why todays christianity it's all about what's good in a christians eyes (and their hearts) NOT whats pleasing in Gods eyes ...Scotts posts describe this clearly+++

Actually, the Commandment about the Sabbath enjoins a REST FROM LABOR, extended even to farm animals and slaves, NOT worship.

Rapture Already Happened
At the Mystical Supper, Jesus prayed, "Holy Father, I pray not that you take them out of the world, but keep them safe from the evil one."

The dispensationalist praye, "Don't listen to Jesus. We look for you TO take us out of the world."

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