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Will A Degree Help My Career
associate degrees certainly cannot hurt. looks good on a resume. will it help, experience is what helps, but if you do not have it, go get the job as a paid intern during your time earning your associate degree be sure you like what you are training for. if not, change it.

Is Smoking A Sin
anything that takes us away from God is a sin. if we uphold something in higher regard, and it comes between us and God, like an idol, it is sin. overeating, idolizing your car, family, gossiping = sin. God can deliver us from sin through Jesus by taking our sins when he died on the cross. we can always turn from sin and run to Him. sin is sin no matter what it is that keeps us from God. Romans 3:23

Should I Get Married To Her
by no means marry. your ideas how to manage money will separate you. it is the cause later. children are a gift from the Lord. You sure are missing out, but do not marry her if this is your real feelings. she will feel cheated. you REALLY love her, let her go

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
check out dave ramsey online. if you owe, he says you should pay. bankruptcy just delays how you pay. you probably do not even need to file. i encourage you to check out dave ramsey and listen to his show on radio.

Called To Witness In Bars
if you are called to do so yes, if you are not, you will know it. if God calls you he will enable you to do it. Jesus ate with sinners...are you called?

Explain The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit resides in all of Jesus Christ true followers. This is the spirit that is givin to each one of us as a comforter, helper. It is a spirit of truth that the world alone can not recieve.It lives within us.. so anytime you feel down and youre crying out to GOD its that spirit of christ that comes to comfort you in your time of need. So thank God for it everyday.

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