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Will You Take A Chip Implant
God offers all for free. greed and want of more created debt, thefts, and most of all not going or doing what God wanted from us. laws had to be created to control us. hearts were hard. instead of looking to God or doing Gods work. taking advantage of political and economical situations (rely on the world) instead of God.

Is Heaven A Literal Place
The Bible teaches that there is a literal heaven- but some people who say they are Christians will say other wise.

Are There Demonic Spirits
that is so true Shira

Are There Demonic Spirits
we are in spiritual warfare. not that I know for sure: But because of this I can not help but believe evil spirits can also open someone (whisper ideas) up to lust or other things. what I am sure of is there are evil spirits. and they have a job to do.

Are There Demonic Spirits
hi shira and yes I understand why doctors & what they do. all I am saying is demons did not leave this earth. but ignoring and drugging everyone is no way to solve the only allows it to get worse. there is money in drugs. does this make it right?

Are There Demonic Spirits
did science open a door for demons ? Dr's give an excuse for everything to medicate. then the demons are free to run. no spiritual warfare now. no recognition of demons only mental illness. drugs instead of God ? I saw a man not to long ago. clearly with demon. but of course instead of dealing with what it really is , he is medicated and on disability. his demon is now allowed to say and do as it pleases. in public. cause the man is just crazy??.

Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
I am sorry there has to be accusations as to who is in Christ . I know what gift my Father in heaven has given me. I went to a church 1 time where a demon appeared next to the preacher. this demon tried to represent itself as marble but it was to me very much plaster. this demon was pride. God has in times of near death shown me Angel and God said no one would be hurt. and what should have been a disaster was not. I am sorry for those who do not believe they exist. God is awesome and as in the old and new testament even today they are here.

Suicide Sends To Hell
?/statement-now can't demon suggest fearful things and prod to the extent that fear grows and eventually into other things. I believe when we focus on negative (demon suggestion) eventually yes it causes physical and emotional effects. some may be more easily taken by these than others. fear is loss of faith, the more you focus on that spot on the wall the bigger it begins to look. soon it is all you see. I think all negative is of satan/demons. only my thought

Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
I have seen demons , angels, spirits, visions, dreams . my baptism I had a vision when I came up out of the water. when I was 13 and all this began then.

What Is Your Gift
God shows me angels , demons, I have dreams that come to pass, visions , I have no fear of them. angels have protected me many times. I see them. I see demons that cause anything from emotional rage in others to illnesses I have 2 times even seen what looked like the same demon that both people had heart attacks 1 did not survive. I have been shown demons controlling a minister. 1 was pride.

Ancient Time Juices
1 Tim 5:23 use a little wine because of your frequent illnesses.
Eccles 10:19 wine for weddings
Psalm 104:1,15 God made wine that makes glad the heart
Jesus passed the wine around at last supper
I think over doing (addiction)is the sin.

How To Interpret Visions
from God yes you know . you stand obedient as if he were speaking to you while awake. your spirit knows Him the Father. dreams not always understood until they come to pass. my experience dreams come to pass with in a few months. and they are brought clear.

How To Interpret Visions
when God gives you a dream, it comes to pass giving him glory. when he speaks to you in a dream you stand obedient as when he speaks to you while you are awake. automatic you respond with yes Father. I do not always understand dreams until they come to pass. no one else can tell me what they mean.

Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
I do Actually See Evil Spirits Everywhere i go i used to be scared but now i am really used to it as if it was nothing at all ever since i was little i could see them ounce i turned about 14 i couldnt see them anymore im now 16 and i feel them back into my life for some reason i see them everywhere ounce again.

Heard The Voice Of God
maybe you need to be more open minded to different possabilities without concluding it all and not just set on one thing only i heard GODS audible voice once in my life i was told to prepare spiritually, mentally etc to prepare to find truth and let me tell you it goes far beyond christianity ... all i have to say is stick to moses n the prophets of the old testament and if your open to the truth it will show you things you never thought could be true but you have to trust it love you bless u

Do Witches Exist Today
I don't doubt that many people practice certain forms of witchcraft, but I don't believe that the hocus pocus / voodoo doll witches are out there. I liked how Arthur Miller put it when he was writing the Crucible. He said that he didn't doubt that people were practicing witchcraft, but by no means did he believe that people were putting pins into dolls to stab other townspeople with them.

Does Hell Really Exist
Yes but God only made hell as punishment for the devil and his angels but when humans make the choice(free will) to take the devil's side then that's their destination too. God loves humans and wants everyone to be in heaven with Him-so God doesn't send anyone to hell, it was their own choice.

Favorite Christian Sayings
Ok I have a few! Here they are:
1.Jesus is your steering wheel not your spare tire!

2. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian like standing in a garage doesn't make you a car!

Hope you like them!

How To Vote In 2008
I agree with myra and susieb. I will be voting for someone who will not be affraid to put his hand on the bible and pledge to the US flag. Someone who might have made mistakes but admits them. Unlike obama who hides behind a facade of lies. I am prolife. If you have ever given birth and held them in your arms you would know what I mean. They are a gift."One Nation Under GOD!"

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