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Fate Of Aborted Babies
Children aborted go directly to Heaven. They have never sinned, so they do not need Salvation to get them there.

Married And Flirting To Feel Good
What a blessing to be married! If in a truly abusive situation (emotional, psychological, or physical) this is no excuse to help. If you're even remotely happily married, how would you feel if your husband was flirting with another woman? You're weakest when you think flirting is harmless-you will be surprised at how quickly even the littlest flirting can lead you places you never thought you would go from which you might find it difficult to return. A clean conscience is priceless.

No Anthority Over A Man
What many all-too-easily forget is that the Bible says that men and women are to submit to each other, and are accountable to each other and to God.

Why Are Christians Gluttons
How many Christians have you interviewed to be able to come to the conclusion that most Christians are gluttons? If you are judging them after they have gone to church, you might consider that they might not have had time to eat breakfast and by lunchtime they're starving or suffering from low blood sugar.

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