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Do False Gospels Steal Your Joy
They cannot be ignored. They should be told that what they are saying is false. But this cannot be unfounded accusation. And it cannot come from one person only.

What Is The RCC
MikeM - I do not agree with your definition of God. He is loving, yes. He is merciful, yes. He is jealous, yes. He is just, yes. He is magnaminous - no. Because magnaminous suggests an indulgence in little children who make mistakes, and the God I read of in the Bible is not like that. If we sin against Him (make a mistake), we pay the price (death). If you define magnaminous otherwise, please explain.

What Is The Emergent Church
Wikipedia has an excellent article on the emergent church. It is a dis-organised church structure that focuses on having 'conversation' with people from other beliefs and lifestyles, in order to understand and reach out to them. But best to read the full definition.

Are You Born A Christian
No, and No. Everyone is born in sin.

Is Halloween A Christian Holiday
Which country are you from? Most western countries have Halloween in some form, and Christians in these countries know that Halloween is not a part of Christianity at all.

As the moderator says, it is part and parcel of Satanism, and is therefore not compatible with our beliefs/practices/traditions at all.

PS - I'm from South Africa.

Did God Hate Esau
Sue, the study notes in my Bible indicate that it is not emotion that is involved here. It says that this is said in the sense that God chose Jacob over Esau to be the Father of the twelve tribes of Israel. The comparison is made that we select God over our parents as our Father. I hope this helps ...

Catholic Bible Has Extra Chapters
The extra books form what is known as the Apocrypha. They are books which are not accepted as part of the canon of scripture due to contradictions extant between them and the rest of the canon. However, they are interesting, and one can learn from them. But they are not to be used as a source of instruction.

My Father-In-Law Died
Before my father died, I could not bear the thought of him not being around. I would get very upset.

When he died, I had an incredible peace that can only come from God. I KNOW that he is in a better place. I KNOW that I will one day see him again. I KNOW that death is not the end, but the beginning. It is not the end, but a temporary separation until I join alongside him, with Jesus, in the world to come.

I pray that your wife may have this knowledge that can only come from God.

What Is A Christian
Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbour as yourself. - Jesus

How Was Jesus Tempted
In EVERY way!

Noah's Ark Discovery
Does it really matter if it is found or not? Are we not supposed to focus on God, instead of on the objects mentioned in the Bible?

Personally, if it hasn't yet been found, I hope that it never is, so as to prevent people from worshipping it.

Is This The Rapture
No. It was a vision John had. He was taken to heaven in the spirit, so that he could record the things that are to come.

What Does Apostate Mean
Emcee - you assume we do not agree with your last statement, but I for one do. However, although we are no longer under the law, since each of us is Gentile, and not Jew (and since Jesus has already come), we must do our best, through Jesus Christ, to obey the law. Obedience to the law, however, does not (and never will) save us. Only the grace of God can do this.

What Does Apostate Mean
Kay - I do disagree that the law was for Israel only. In practice, and at that point in time, yes, but in principal, it is for the whole world. It is the moral basis for what used to be the laws of many lands, and it is a universal moral base that does not change. It applies to all of us.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
MikeM - from geologists of course! Christian ones, that is.

When Was The Ice Age
Of course, MikeM .... Did I say I did not like the analogy? Actually, your description amused me, if you need it spelt out plainly.

Is Punishment Forever
Geoff - that question has been answered. All the ones I have come across who's views on the topic I have actually heard. Stott, for example, I have simply not had a look at, although I am aware of him, so I would not be able to say anything about his views. I have many times thought I should read some of his works, but have not got around to it yet.

Jehovah Witness Prayer
Lisa - I do not presume to speak for Mrs Morgan, but my contact with her thus far has shown me that she does NOT believe that we save ourselves. Rather, God alone can save us, but we must CHOOSE whether or not to accept His redemption.

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