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What Would You Ask God
I do not know your circumstances, but if you asking these of God, who repeatedly says " Ask and I will come into your heart and soul and will forgive your mistakes you have made".

Then you should clear your own mind of these past mistakes I am sure God has already forgiven you, but you have to forgive yourself.

I can tell you I have been studying with a great master and he would be willing to help you or anyone that needs it.

Predestined To Salvation
Who are we to ask the potter who forms the clay in different ways for different outcomes? The Bible teaches that the Bride of Christ was given to Jesus BEFORE THE FOUNDATION of the world. Some are created for perdition and who are we to second guess GOD almighty. Only God can answer such a question as this. WE best just attend to seeking out our salvation with fear and trembling and not focusing on everyone else's free will.

Are Mormons Christians
Cathrine) I believe Cathrine is CORRECT in saying that Andrea has a call in her life to expose false religions. Those who don't listen are on their own. She obviously listens to God and puts up with the many insults of threatened cult members. Why would anyone open themselves to such ridicule if they were not speaking for God almighty? Do you think this is done for her entertainment? NO. If that were so, she would say things to get praise from people. As it is noone likes her!! Amen

Taking God's Name In Vain
we are NEVER TO TAKE THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN. He could have made his point with out of sayings those VERY OFFENSIVE words. Why bother teaching this if he is going to offend God and others in the process. I would go to him and state the offfence and tell him that I am leaving him as he is in a wrong place with God. Look for anothe place but remember that most places are not good but are of false teachings. So be carefull.

Evolution In The Classroom
Unless it is taught as a very unlikely theory pitted against creationism, NO it should not be even mentioned as it is an athiestic BELIEF. It is not taught with BOth concepts so that the student can see both sides but rather, is aimed to cause little athiests to form within the educational system, then it should be left out completely as it has no relevance to education at all. Study something that is reall and true.

Will The Holy Ghost Leave
Blasphememy of the Holy Spirit will cause the Holy Spirit to leave and never return eventuating in the loss of the individuals loss of salvation.

Private Baptism Biblical
Man is arrogant to think that his instutions costing millions to build and millions to staff, offer power to Baptize or lead a man to salvation or teach a man the truths of God when the Bible expresively states that in the latter days that The Holy Spirit will teach the believer and that no man will need anyone to teach him but the Spirit will lead in truth and only the Spirit has power. I am sorry you waisted your money but you do not need to be ordained by man but by the HOLY SPIRIT. Leah

I Hate My Husband
i know how you feel!

I Want Some Penpal Friends
hi carol . how are u im leah .

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