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Jesus Coming On Clouds
when it comes down to it, it is reasonable to argue that Jesus walked up the mount of olives into a cloud. When he returns, ten thousands of His saints will be with him, He will come as He left, all eyes will see him.
He himself states that he comes as a thief.
If you read the first verse of Chapter 14 in the Book of Revelation you will see that He and the 144000 (his saints) will walk down Mt Hermon thru the clouds. The big mistake will be that the religious community will say He is the antichrist and the nations will gather against Him. This will cause God's judgement.
All human religions will have caused their own demise.

Explain Genesis 3:15
u will be enlightened once i explain.the woman inthis important first prophecy is the little flock of co rulers the 144000 bought from the earth thru the ransome.these make up along with gods myriads of angelic creatures make up the kingdom that u and i pray for.these governments are being done away with now and gods rule will soon replace and last to time indef dan2,44.the marriage of the woman is this same 144000and will when completed be with the husband christ in heaven. ive just given the easiest shortest explanation so if any thing at all your not sure of ,then do not heitate to email me ,lets look forward to the new system,last days see 2tim 3,1to 5..len

Daughter-In-Law Problems
i strongly suggest you give every effort to come to a meeting of the minds with your d/l do it for the grandchildren you love

Praying In Tongues Devil
Some call tongues a heavenly language, and where did the devil come from???? Heaven! Therefore, if tongues is a heavenly language, the devil knows it. The word "tongues" in the Bible is from a word that means language. Those that heard the "tongues" at pentacost heard languages that they understood.

Do You Have The Holy Ghost
See Act 2:38 When a person is saved they receive the Holy Spirit and are sealed by the holy spirit

How Old Is The Earth
Some say the age of the earth does not matter, spiritually. I tend to agree. The few ultra-fundamentalist who said it was 'essentual' that one believe the earth is only 6,000 years old, bailed, thus lost all credibility. The fallasy of non-sequitor. Its like the discussion about Pat Robertsons whacky statements about Dover pa, he said them, but everyone avoided, danced around that FACT, a non-sequtor, unbelievable!

Moderator - I don't believe the earth is 6,000 years old nor does the Bible. That Bible theory came from someone adding the ages of the people in the Bible from Genesis to the birth of Christ through today. Of course there are gaps. You don't really believe the theory that the earth is billions of years old on the other extreme side do you?

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