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Are Fallen Angels Demons
I can't believe that someone would say that angels don't fall! clearly satan and a third of angels were kicked out of heaven. yes fallen angels are demons.demons became existent because of satans fall. Isaiah 12:12-21 gives little detail of satan and his fall.

Sow A Seed Ministries
Well well Kenneth Copeland eh? Truth is He and Gloria Have some oil wells on their property so they are not sucking you dry of your money but are just reminding you of your obligation to God on his command to tithe so if you want to be blessed in your finances obey Gods word also remember you reap what you so so don't rip to hard it can come back on you.Give your tithe to who ever need you want but remember you are going to answer to God where you place it this command not only to bless you but also your childrens children so obey him in this let me tell you it works

Pray To Quit Drinking
I was an alcoholic for at least 25 years I had my first drink given to me about age 4 I liked it as I got older I wandered until it all seemed hopeless I was involved in an explosion and almost died but that did not help Finally I gave my life back to the Lord and with the conviction from the Holy Spirit i was able to quit drinking and smoking. It was not easey but He saved Me and my life Praise the Lord

Resting On Sabbath
Lee we cant believe your still at the Sabbath of God issue again...Goodness, your preaching error to new comers on this blog and you definitely is working for the preach apostasy brother, you surely do...what abomination you are...

Why Did God Give Us Laws
I agree with you Geof and Lee is absolutely wrong and off side. It is of the heart. If you repent,cleanse/circumcise the foresking of your heart, then you will know error from truth if you come closer to God each day. Lee you preaching error all thru...

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