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Is Kissing Ok While Courting
I think it should be noted that the idea of Christian "courtship", as we know it today, was first championed by the cultic leaders and movements that sprang up in the 60s and 70s, and is the method of choice for finding a mate in every spiritually abusive and cultic movement.

If we go into something feeling doomed to fail, we'll probably fail. If you kiss a woman with the mindset "I won't be able to control myself", well, you probably won't be able to control yourself. Others CAN control themselves, and shouldn't be looked down upon or judged for finding strength and discipline through their faith in Christ and being so bold as to kiss the woman they're dating.

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
hello this is right up my alley i am a recovering alcoholic been sober for 6 years now thanks to god. all you can do is pray for them and ask the lord to show them the light. i battled the lord for a few years before i seen the light it will take the lord to do it she will have to want to quit just keep praying for her and she will come around

I Don't Think God Is Real
simply in regards to the statement at hand: no where, in any ancient text, be it hebrew, islamic, or christian does it say that god would want us to have fun. it doesnt even say that we should be "happy", only holy. JOY is the inevitable byproduct of following god, namely jesus christ, who revealed himself to me after years of bitter atheism.

I Want Some Christian Friends
am looking for friends worldwide.

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