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Can Christians Drink One Beer
If Jesus did not drink beer daily he was unique to his culture.


What If Big Bang Is True
"the sun orbited the earth"

Some people here still believe this. (not me!)

I_AM_I: I'm not sure this is the best argument either. Scholars thought the earth was flat, etc because they didn't have the sceptical, logical or scientific tools necessary to come to better explanations. The fact that there are some similarities between gospels written around the same time *suggests* that Jesus did live, he was baptised by John the baptist and he was crucified. This is by no means 100% absolute proof of anything, but we don't necessarily have to throw out biblical references to do history, we just have to be careful about what information we take from them.

What If Big Bang Is True
Jerry: " They are not here to seek or to offer truth, but rather to try to lure others into the depths of their miserable disbelief."

I think they are offering and seeking truth. The truth of the matter is that we don't know for sure without blind belief what parts about Jesus' life are 100% accurate and what parts are exaggerated by storytelling. As I mentioned earlier, if you believe that the Bible is inerrant, then we have nothing further to discuss, but people who want to know the real Jesus better might benefit from exploring all possibilities even if you disagree with the particular direction of the conversation.

By the way, what happened to our conversation about the recession of the moon on the other blog?

What If Big Bang Is True
"I'm sure if you do a little digging, you can find them for yourself."

So you don't know if this statement is true, you're just assuming it is?

I know there is evidence that Christianity was a fast growing group, but from what I've read and heard from historians is that there is only the biblical stories of Jesus and absolutely no corroborating evidence. I'm not saying that Jesus did not exist, but without this historical evidence, it's impossible to distinguish the person from the mythos. This, of course, is not an issue if you believe in the inerrant property of the Bible, but it is an issue for Historians.

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