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Acne Scars Causing Depression
I had very bad acne as a teenager, and later on got laser surgery.. To be honest, it made me worse. The doctor was supposed to be highly regarded, but my skin was left uneven, and I ended up getting strange raised scars in irregular shapes that are paler than my normal skin tone. So overall, my skin is permanently blotchy, uneven and very scarred - after $4000 worth of surgery to make it smoother. It is not the answer for everybody, though I'm guessing there must be people who have had good experiences??

When Can We Divorce
I am married, and my husband is verbally abusive, what is worse is he is a Christian, and tells me I need to be submissive to him. He also has a ministry. I am separated from him now, and I am seeking BIBLE Wisdom.

Anorexia Treatment Daughter
It depends on your level of faith.If you dont have that much faith to beleive that God can heal you from this disorder then i guess you have to pay but on the other hand God can heal you very easily only if you have the faith.jesus said that you can command mountains to move and they will move even if your faith is as little as a mustard seed.

Are False Prophets Mentally Ill
"Nonsense prophecies that dont come to pass": Signs in the heavens, sun,moon nd starsMat24:29,Rev6:12,13, November 13 1833 exhibition of the phenomenon called SHOOTING STARS which was probably more extensive and magnificant than any similar one hitherto recorded by Denison Oimsted.'American Journal of Science and the Arts 25Jan1834.
The Gt Dark Day of May 19 1780 is well attested by history.In some places, darkness was so great. Collections of Massachusetts Historical Society vol 1,1792

Science And Evolution Conflict
jerry you nailed that right on the head and Amen i support your statement./

Jewish Temple To Be Rebuilt
the temple in question is us..we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are to get ourselves right before the coming of our Lord. We are this symbolic temple that needs to be build up into the character God wants us to be b4 the coming. So get yourselves ready. There wont be any physical temple rebuilt on the mount.

Is Jesus The Only Way
you belive in Jesus, you are believing God...He is God.

Can Women Be Used Of God
i do believe female believers can receive revelation of scriptures same as male and no females have not the same calling and God has already commanded what women are to do and what men are to do...women should not assume men's positions such as preaching.

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
Who was the 10Cs given to and who gave them?> Which God is this that we all are worshping? If Jehovah, then why are we saying He gave Jews the laws only and not us? Didnt His teachings include us as well? Christ was born a Jew then He will bless Jews only, is that what you mean? Do you belive in Him or Budha or satan? Isnt Christ the Law and the Word? Who are you kidding Lee n Pharisee? u both are false witnesses. Get real.

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
Lee. Get out of it...Convocation from my Brittanica dictionary says:..the act of summoning together an assembly:..meeting to discus and promote church measures, also the district thus organised...where did you get your false teaching that it is a ceremonial assembly

Speaking In Tongues
Just as the name Babylon which originated from the word Babel is all I can say to this speaking tongue. Speaking tongue truly mean an UNDERSTOOD LANGUAGE. Not Babbling unintelligible language falling on the floor and wreathing froth from the mouth which I have witnessed. Its nonsense..God is a God of order, not confusion.

True Sabbath Of The Bible
(1)not many will say the 7th day sabbath is the true Sabbath cos SDAs worship on that day..
(2)Roman king Constantine did.. he allowed gentiles to enter church and in time pagan things got introduced and the true Sabath forgotten...but not changed.
(3)yes if your talking about Christ"s Glorious Return to take us home

True Sabbath Of The Bible
(4)At the right hand side of God interceding for us
(5)In their graves gone to dust and their breath which God gave gone back to the maker
and their souls(body) has perished. When you die, you dont go straight to heaven...the bible dont teach that Lee.

Christmas Trees Biblical
Jared, this comes to mind the 2nd commandment, Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image etc..this would then mean we cant admire anything made by man for it will be idolising it ... what say you...God is my Divine idol..

Once Saved Always Saved
kathyr Calvin is not of Christ...I think thats going a bit too far dont you think? I dont hear him complaining about you and your belief, let alone say your wrong? Once saved always saved???what???my bible tells me in 1Cor15:51,52,53,54 that we will all be changed, this corrption shall be changed to incorruption etc. Why? Cos stain of sin still in us..Christ died to prevent us from death for sin. We continually sin. If we didnt, then we dont need Christ.Yet we still do

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
slain in the spirit???what kind of spirit are they, are you sure tis the H/S??In all Jesus time on earth, there has never been anyone slain in the spirit as you say..He did say tho that these are the works of the enemy to make you think its the H/S..brrrr b careful with that spirit .. slaining people brrrrrr...satans...

No Money To Tithe
exucch the text is talking about those whom are seeking the Truth of God which is free to all...

No Money To Tithe
Give with all your heart and then and then only will God bless you..if you give grudgingly bcos of your bills, then dont bother. By having great faith that God will bless you, I tell you that you will not hold back what is God's. A 10th of a $10 bill is only a dollar.If you love and trust God, then give back what is rightfully His with love...

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