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Supernatural Spiritual Gifts
Maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking "what am I doing wrong" ask "what am I believing wrong". He has already blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ and has given you all things that pertain unto life and godliness. What could possibly be missing in "every" and "all"?

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
an ex is an ex, go for it. Life is too short and how could you not be forgiven.

Nephilium And Human DNA
Just came across the word "Nephilium" for the 1st time in "God's Word" Gen 6:4. It sounded like a different race of people. Compared it to KJV and it mentions giants. Are they one and the same? Tyring to make sense of the fact that I was taught Adam & Eve were the first people, but Gen doesn't really read that way. It says he created man & woman and told them to go forth and multiply. Then it talks about Him breathing life into Adam...?

Obama Bows To Muslims
You know what? it seems like Pres. Obama is trying to please everyone at once. he made the comment that the US is no longer a christian nation 3x's now. Of course the US is still a christian nation. The point he was making is that he USA has many differsnt people in it that practice many different religeons.I honestly do not know if he is a christian. I have heard he is not then I have heard that he is. So... We are required to pray for him as our leader. Personally, I think this world is going to have to go thru some stuff according to scripture profecy and if really doesn't matter what any man thinks anyway.
God bless Linda

My Daughter Is Bipolar
I have been going to a group for almost 2 years now called DBSA. Depression, Bipolor, Support Assistance. Mostly they go by DBSA. This group started years ago. I just heard about it 1 1/2 years ago and it has helped me a lot. Along with God and medicne. Anyone can go that is in need of support or better understanding how to cope. Check the web. for one near you.

How To Reach Daughter-In-Law
i have acquired a daughter in law who at first was very happy to receive both monetary and physical help before the wedding which my husband and i paid for. Four month after the wedding she not only shows she does not want us around but has told our son that she would prefer us not to be there when she comes in from work. On that occassion my son had requested help from us as he was alying some flooring so we went to help only to find that when she arrived back in from work she physically snubbed us.I would love to have a normal relationship as i always wanted a daughter but why oh why dothese girls have to fear the relationship between a mother and son I know I am losing him. Someone somewhere give me an answer.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
You need psychiatric and/or professional help.

My Husband Does Drugs
from Linda, i understand, I also left my husband. Got saved after we married & used to do drugs with him. I have been set free and he tried the "church thing" with me, but was not into it. He missed his fun and band, as he was in a rock band. I tried for a long time but gave up & just focused on the Lord - my life has been good. As long as I have Jesus I am ok. Keep your eyes on Jesus and don't let others (or yourself) condemn you. God bless and keep you.

I Cheated On My Wife 4 Times
pray and fast ask god and your wife to forgive god's answer for your marriage.if god still want you together she will come back to you,but it does mean you will not pay a price for your sin it will take time for healing for her and your marriage.

What Laws Are Legalistic
we are to obey the law..jesus said, do not think i came to destroy the law, but to fulfil...the only difference between old testament and new testament is now we have the spirit of christ in us that enables us to obey!!!!

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
In the Old Testament they had wives and concubines. In the New Testament it does not state that.

It Is Hard To Witness To Family
The first thing that came to my mind was Jesus saying that the people from His home town would not believe that He was our Savior. Continue to pray for those in your house and live as an example to them, an example of a loving child of God. You can only plant a seed, they must be open to recieve it. God will take care of the rest.
Blessings to you!

What Is Self Control
One of my favorite scriptures has always been
in 2Tim.1-7. some translations say sound mind and some say self discipline. The self control brought by the Spirit brings a soundness of mind. my human self control is imperfect and will fail me. the fruit of the spirit is perfect. also no matter how exemplary a persons self control may be, without Christ it amounts to filthy rags in the light of the holiness of God. In Christ self control comes naturally.

Love To Dance For God
~~~the Spirit of the Lord is upon me~~~ i will dance as david danced.~~~~

Gods people are dancing again,
like the dancers in the old testament dancing in worship, dancing in service(in healing and ushering the awareness of the presence of God) like the dancers that led the way into battle... dancing in spiritual warfare with flags, banners and a joyful noise that literally peirces through. Yes,these are the days when heaven touches earth and Gods people are dancing again ...

Should I Leave Exhusband Alone
I understand the need to settle things and wanting it right now, time must pass for things to be not so close to the surface. with god's help should be left in gods hand to ease the emotional separation..I went through the same thing and now my ex and i get along better than when i was married..It takes lots of prayer and waiting on the lord and not doing what we want but what He wants of us..He can heal all wounds but we can make them infected if we dont wait..Matters can change for worse when words are exchanged and others who have been hurt can take offense..Trust the lord to work in this.

Can Christians Sue Others
What does the bible say about "suing your brother"?

Evangelism Training Tools
free sermons, books and free classes at
the Deland School of the Bible , look it up on google :)

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