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Willing To Go To Jail
The moderator is correct with ref to other countries expecially. Sadly,I do not forsee that most pastors will go to jail or suffer death in the future in this country but true christians probably will.

Two Witnesses Real People
They are Ilisha and Enoch. That is all it could be. Don't you think? I am sure they are real...

Offended By Women Pastors
Paul Said I , (emphasis on the I) never give a woman authority over a man. THese things that paul wrote are not commands of God regarding gifts and the Chruch. God said that there is no male or female in the spirit. He said that in the latter days that he would poor out his spirit upon all flesh. What is all the controversy? Look at the condition of the church. I wouldn't want to be a pastor anyway. Looks like they might be in trouble.

What Day Is The Sabbath
The sabbath is definitely from friday night to saturday night as an official time that God rested. However when Jesus came he said it didn't matter which day a man chose to rest as long as it was offered to God. So there is not a problem about keeping sabbath holy.

Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
Sabbath Keepers are working their way to heaven and that is against what Jesus did for us on the cross. IT is against everything Jesus taught and resembles the pharisees and sadusees who Jesus condemed to Hell. Those who were unfortunate enough to get stuck into Helen White's lies, are Hell Bound and need to be loved into the truth. I am afraid they are caged by satan.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
God did not mean for us to take the give and you shall recieve concept and milk it for all it was worth. Also He was referring to spiritual growth as well."as your soul prospers". We were not meant to live plush and fun lives on earth. We were to bring Glory to God and to even share in the Sufferings of Christ. WE are to be outside of the lusts of the world..Prosperity lusts leads to Hell.

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Under the New Covenent, nothing is unclean to us. All things are to be eaten with thanksgiving.

What Is A Crucifix
It is a cross with a small figure of Jesus on it. Protestants object to it because Jesus should not be thought of as on the cross but rather as alive. He is not on the cross anymore but sits at the rt hand of God the Father. He is quite alive and advocates for us.

Explain Psalms 51:12
Paul is talking about apostacy and blasphamy of the Holy Spirit to the Hebrews.

Christian Police Officers
I think we need true Christians in every level of government including law enforcement. The chances of an officer needing to kill someone are slim and if they did, it would'nt be sin because the commandment says murder. Also, we are to live in peace with people in so far as possible. It is not always possible and that is why we need police in the first place.

If Salvation Prayer Enough
If you feel that change insid of you and have accepted the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and are turning your life over to him at the time of the sinners prayer, then is a great prayer. It is not the prayer that saved you though it is your faith by Gods grace.

Can Adulterers Become Pastors
Of Course because you were not Christian so nothing counts against you. It is all been forgiven. I know of Pastors who have divorced for nonBiblical reasons and remarried and STILL pastor a church. That doesn't make it right for someone else though just because he is sinning.

Who Is The Queen Of Heaven
According to what I have read in the Bible, there is no gender in heaven so how can we concieve of a queen? There wouldn't need to be a queen when God himself is in control. We all rule and reign with Him(Jesus). No matter what is said in Jer.

Do Tongues Regenerate You
It edifies me and gives strengh. I also believe it is wonderful because Satan has no idea of what I am praying and cannot thwort any plans. But I do know people who pray in their head (also in truth and spirit) at school and have immediate answers to those prayers. So either way satan cannot interfere. Yes it regenerates. But is not the only means for regeration.

Is The Gospel Complicated
The son of God came in the flesh to earth , taught, was crucified (according to scripture) and burried. He then rose from the dead and is now alive at the right hand of God and is Lord. for the sins of the people of the world. he did all of this to save man from the death of sin and to bring us Life through Him. We now are reconciled to the Father. It's simple.

Saved In A False Church
2) When I explained to her some of the false teachings, she had no problem chosing to attend a different church. I have lost track of her but for several years I watch her grow and it was beautiful.

She Wants Hysterectomy Now
Susie} Face it. Jody martin is right. You haven't a clue what LOVE is. Therapeuticully I think you mean "tough love". Tough love only works if you have a trusting relationship with the client. You are not talking to a client here. You are venting anger and lack LOVE. And talk about honesty? Exactly how many patients were there? And every one knows there is a high success rate with those who find Jesus but they won't find Him through YOU.

Jehovah Witnesses Theology
what do they say if you ask them "what if the 144,ooo have already lived and died?" There are too many people in the world so how do they feel about that?

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I think that thier beliefs and rituals are so different that they are a cult. I am sure that there are some saved people who attend the church and are unaware that it is cult.

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