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What Is An Idle Word
When one speaks words which are meaningless,unhealthy,derogatory,negative,untrue or useless in content, these are idle words which will need to be accounted for at judgement. We must be very careful of what we say. Leah

What Is Your Best Christian Song
Open The Eyes To My Eyes Lord! Leah

Not Of This World
By bringing Glory to God in everything we do and say and allowing our lifestyle reflect our Christian values. Leah

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
I do not think that smoking has anything to do with salvation anymore than being fat does. There is no commandment that says 'thou shalt not smoke or be fat'. It is not what GOES INTO THE MAN THAT DEFILES HIM, IT IT IS WHAT COMES OUT OF THE MOUTH. WHat ever is done in faith is not sin. If a person is not convicted of sin and smokes, who am I to judge. I do not smoke.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
1) In a way, I do believe in OSAS but before you attack me for this let me first qualify my belief. The salvation experience is a "HIGH" which occurs once an individual releases all of the grungey past sins that have been causing guilt in their lives, unto the Lord and feels a gigantic release. All who observe rejoyce and make claim that they saw 2 or 100 or 2000 saved during some type of Christian activity. Some of these will ccme on fire for the Lord.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
<2) Some of these will walk away feeling great and go no further than that. Some will become pseudo Christians and even use the faith to continue sinning because now they have the liberty to they believe in their self deceit. These believe that Gods grace and Jesus' righteousness covers ALL OF THEIR SINS NOW. These people were never saved in the first place. The word had fallen of stoney ground or was choke out by weeds or simply lured back into the world.

Is Homeschooling Better
Yes I think so. I am homeschooling my children and when they tested them, they were way ahead accedimacally. Also, the study material includes God in every aspect of study. They are not exposed to worldly attitudes at this early age and we have a home school group that meets weekly for socialization. It is wonderful. We are privilidged to have it still.

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