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Mormon Witness The Most
the two year requirement for mormons is wonderful. they do an excellent job of reaching alotta ppl. maybe i'm wrong but i find it hard to digest that each of our destinies after this life is to go to other planets and become crucified and be a jesus for that world. most mormons i've met are very nice people but what they don't tell you is that the deeper you get into it the more "other" doctrines are introduced that don't really have alot of scriptual grounding. the christian body is to vast to sterotype. some do alot, some do what they can but its all for one goal.we're all running the same race that is set before us. not comparing who's stronger, fitter or faster but looking unto Jesus the author and finsher of our faith.

Are TV Preachers For Real
Gererally I'm totlally turned off by showmanship TV preachers. But don't lump them all in the same column. Besides Billy Graham....God has raised up another man to declare is WORD. Watch Charles Stanley...IN Touch Ministeries. Tried and true.. no hypocricy or shouting showmanship.. He doesn't ask for money that I've noted...altho I help support this ministry every month.

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