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My Husband Isn't Attractive
If you married a man that you can't even stand being around, then you should not have married him to begin with. Although, as a true believer, one should not make a decision to marry another based on looks, at the same time, he/she should not be repulsed by that person. When God told Ezekiel that His wife was going to die, He referred to Ezekiel's wife as the "delight of his eyes". It's clear that Ezekiel found his wife to be attractive. Whether she was attractive in others' eyes is not what mattered. What matters is whether YOU find your spouse attractive. The key is not to judge solely on looks, but to realize that looks are just one factor that God uses for mutual attraction, but He then expects us to look deeper - into the ...

Are Commandments Important
Jesus summarized the commandments in two: 1) Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.
These commandments, if fulfilled through the Spirit, fulfill ALL of the law. Unfortunately, only Jesus could do this, since He is God. Therefore, we look to the Old Testament commandments for clarification. But, again, Jesus's two commandments, if understood and followed by the Spirit, will naturally cause us to fulfill the ten commandments in our lives. The ten commandments should only serve as a reminder. We must recognize the law as an unemployed tutor, since we now have a higher law: the law of Love and the law of liberty (James 2:8)

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