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Leadership In The Church
Leon, actually my experiences have been pretty positive. I have attended the same church for the last twenty-seven years and I would not have stayed that long if it were not a pleasant place to be. It it is a church affiliated with the Baptist General Conference. No one there has ever told me that if I didn't do such and such or believe such and such that something bad would happen to me. I have been accepted and loved just as I am.

Where Will AntiChrist Come
It is perhaps quiet unwise to attribute to Satan something which is not from Satan. The Pharisees tended to do this. Jesus called it blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 12:22-32.

Five Extra Bible Books
And if I am correct in saying so, the Eastern Orthodox Church does not use any part of the book of Revelation in its liturgy. I have always found that quite interesting.

Welcome To Your Church
And the Antidoron at the end of the Byzantine liturgy is very welcoming.

Leadership In The Church
Leon, whatever "authority" so-called Christian leaders have nowadays, they have arrogated to themselves. There no real way to determine any other source of their authority. And so many of those people become abusive. Power corrupts, especially in churches.

What's Up June 2014
I will pray for all the requests here. The Lord be with each and every one of you, and your friends and family in need.

Please pray for my oldest and dearest friend, Ronald. He is in the hospital with a number of issues, and is quite ill. Thank you.

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